Heads will roll

I’m not sure I’ve ever said it here but I HATE the holiday events when it comes to gaining them for achievements.  I completed the [What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been] achievement on Aurdon only for the 310% speed on the mount, not because it looked cool.  I know these are fun to some but to others its a year long series of hoops to jump through for a few more 1’s and 0’s of digital data that will make your character a tad faster or have a extra unnecessary title.  I don’t knock people who like to do these because I think this game should be played however it gives you the most fun (as long as its not at the expense of others) but I LOATH having to do a holiday event just to “get something”.

I bring this up because I still feel the need to “get something” off of the headless horseman.  I want his sweet ride.  This is where I have a bonestorm to pick with the games drop rates.  I’ve done more then my fair share of farming for this.  I’ve been at this thing since HH was introduced into the game.   But it doesn’t just break down to “it never drops”.  I’ve seen it drop 8+ times in my groups through the years but I’ve never gotten it.  I’ve even rigged things in my favor last year by forming up a farm group and doing it daily.  We reduced our numbers to an easy 4 and brought in alts to summon for more chances.  Last year we ran it (and this number is accurate within 10 attempts) over 145 times.  It dropped twice, one roll was won by my wife’s main and the other by our tank.  This year blizzard changed the game by only allowing one chance per day per character.  The first day I queued some random hunter got it in his loot bag.  Later on the other dps from our farm group last year got one (which out of us four left me the only one who doesn’t have one still).  The other night my wife was tired and asked if I wanted to still run HH with her.  I had told her that I already completed it for all my guys that day but would gladly tank-queue her and get it done quick.  She then said “well I’m really tired, would you go for me on my priest?”  Sure why not?  And then this….

How is that even possible?  THE GAME KNEW I WAS PLAYING!  Not only did the reins drop but 2 other epics and a face mask.  That is just trash.   Its even more salt in the wound that when I wanted [Frost Lord Ahune’s Staff] (seen here equipped on my wife’s picture) purely because it looks awesome, it dropped 3 times for me.  Once on my pally and twice on my DK.  It dropped on 100% of my non-equipping characters and not on my Mage or Shaman.  And you can’t even sell that thing so Blizzard was essentially wiping my face in it making me destroy it three times over and having to type “Delete” each time instead of simply dropping once just because I wanted the unique item model.  I’m hoping posting this will inform the community of the prejudice against me from RNG and bring about a revolution!  VIVA LA GIMME MY STUPID MOUNT ALREADY!!!!

~the powers that be who control RNG,
most assuredly do not love me~

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9 Responses to Heads will roll

  1. Demerson says:

    The RNG gods… “demons to some, angels to others”

    Rather fitting that a Hellraiser quote be used so close to Halloween!

  2. Rhii says:

    I’m terribly superstitious about this stuff. For example, I never open the loot bag until I’m out of the dungeon (originally because I didn’t want my groupmates to mock me when they all got mounts and I got “There is no loot.”) It seems to work, somehow.

    Tam and Chastity have a shrine to “Lady RNG” over at righteous orbs. I actually left a note there too. >_< Mostly it was for the benefit of the accompanying blog post which linked to it about my own horrid horseman luck, but you know. Pointless superstition never hurt anyone….

    • Aurdon says:

      I used to not open the bags during brew fest but then, I never got my mount then anyway. I ended up getting two mounts on characters I don’t collect mounts on. This game really has it in for me.

  3. Redbeard says:

    I’m still waiting for the pet, while everyone in the HH fight was congratulating me on the mount I got. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I got the reins the day before.

  4. Prelimar says:

    i’m right there with you, man. every year i try to get the reins, and so far this year, nothing. i’ve got the rings, squashlings, masks, and other drops multiple times, but no reins for me yet. one person in our guild has the reins on several alts now.

    i read a rumor today that the reins are also dropping in the “put out the fires” daily goody bag, too, so that might double your chances for the remaining days. i know i’m going to try just in case.

    • Aurdon says:

      Oh man if that rumor is true I’ll be there every time someone strikes a match. Although I bet it was “made up” by someone like me who would do anything to add reasoning to why the mount isn’t dropping.

  5. Frostytoot says:

    I have managed to get the HH mount on my “achievement horse” warrior, but as yet Frosty has not recieved the reins. Like you, I believe this game is out to get me. My fiancee can get online and enter a raid group within seconds/ roll highest on loot/ or open a loot bag filled with rare and epics while I sit by and get “There is no loot” in my face. The thing that ticks me off the most is trick or treating and getting tricked. I get so hopeful looking for that elusive piece of candy above my head to be let down when I’m turned into a bat, which means I can’t even mount up. What’s the point in that? *right clicks buff* 🙁

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