Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could…

Because we’ve been fail-PuG free on this blog for just a little too long, I present:

1) WTF?????

WTF what?! Am I supposed to read your mind? Clearly you’re either puzzled, amazed, or annoyed by something, but when I can’t even figure out what emotion you’re emoting, it’s pretty difficult to respond correctly. How about you remember those linguistic skills that were drilled into you since elementary school and squeeze out a complete sentence? Hmm?

Here are some examples if you find it hard: “Ubartank, did you really *need* those spellpower bracers?” “Fragilemage, how did you die this time?” “Leetfacehunter, you might wanna let the tank pull…” “Wow that was a huge crit, Boomkinpants!”

See, it’s not hard.

2) ROFL, [Orb of the Forgotten Seer]

Last time I checked, there was no gearscore requirement for Maraudon (for that matter, there’s no gearscore requirement for anything, but that’s a rant for another day…). Also, I didn’t sign up to heal this shindig so you could inspect and insult me the moment I zone in. This seems to be getting a lot more frequent the more I pug. Everybody immediately inspects each other and then starts waving their teeny tiny level 38 epeens like they mean something. I might bring it up if the tank is running with a grey two hander, or wearing all spirit cloth… but that’s about it. Is my choice of a cunning pet at level 19 going to wipe the group? Probably not… EJ is for 80s.

3) Refusing to Buff

I just do not get this one. Pallies are by far the worst offenders, followed by mages. Pallies I sorta understand, since they have a metric ton of buffs which all have to be applied individually and nobody’s ever happy with the one they get… but face it, you’re going to be applying those same buffs for the rest of your pallying career. Better get used to it. Oh, and learn who wants what now, so you don’t look like a total tard when you zone into a heroic and buff the hunter with wis and the priest with  might (what, hunters have mana, and priests use weapons… right??!) And mages? You’re just lazy. One buff fits all. Just slap it on there. Feel free to skip warriors, rogues, and dks.

Why wouldn’t you want to be better? Why wouldn’t you want your *healer* to be better?

4) i dun has rez lol

The conversation usually goes something like this:

“You don’t have res? But but but but but… you’re a [priest/druid/shaman/pally]!”

“im not healz”

*points to healer* “the healer’s dead.”

“i didnt have the gold to train it… im not healz”

Again, pallies are by far the worst offenders. God forbid they should go do a level 12 quest. Oh the horror. I am so cruel to even suggest it.

So what PuG faux pas really drive you bananas? Everybody needs a good rant now and then…

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47 Responses to Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could…

  1. Poneria says:

    Sadly, my shaman had an 80 pally tank decked out in badge / raid gear say that he couldn't rez. I left that group with an "omfg," because I had no other words to describe my facepalming reaction to that.

    • Rhii says:

      Heh. And I thought it was bad in the 40s. Thanks for making me feel better about being peeved. OMFG, get off your lazy bum and go faceroll your level 12 quest!

  2. Eradicator says:

    As a Mage (level 24), I can say that I usually won't give Arcane Intellect to anyone but the healer, because groups never, ever wait for me to get my mana back. At lower levels, that means i'm generally at 8% mana by the third fight, and I have to try to use Blink to keep up if I want to drink.

    Since people aren't willing to wait, i'm not willing to make it harder on myself to buff them.

    • Rhii says:

      I'm more talking about people who won't do it when asked… not people who conserve mana. I have a similar situation on my 40s priest… if I buff EVERYONE fort and all mana users with spirit, then I'm at like 40% mana and the tank is already two pulls in…

      I'm sure if another caster asked nicely, you'd comply right?

    • Benjamin says:

      You should be using blink to move faster all the time. If you need to get somewhere and you're not mounted then you should blink. It helps if you bind it to a really easy key, I use Mouse 3, click the mouse wheel and pop I'm 20 yds closer.

      As a DPS you can afford the luxury of sitting down and drinking and then catching up to the group. It's going to take them time to kill the mobs at each pull and if you need mana you'll either do 0 dps by catching up to them or 0 dps by sitting and drinking. You're not going to get lost, just sit drink and catch up when you can.

  3. Naora says:

    On my baby pally, I've been buffing what I think is right, then saying in party "Tell me I've given you the wrong blessing and I'll change it" Had a few nasty comments when I buffed people I thought were healers/tanks :S
    Had a group a few days ago on my druid where I was the only one who buffed and this was at 80, in a heroic.
    My recent post Alty Things; I’m Still Angry, But It’s Ok

    • Rhii says:

      Haha, I've confused roles on my pally before too. And I still make mistakes. Apparently some trees like Kings and some like Wis, and I'm still not sure which is technically "better". But I like your approach where you are willing to change it if you get the one they don't want. I've also had lots of people give me stupid buffs and then refuse to change them. Like the guy who buffed my priest might because she had a weapon. 🙂

      • Benjamin says:

        As a tree I'll take either. At lvl 75 where I'm at now they're both helpful. Since I spend most of my time not at full mana and thus am regenerating BoW is probably the better blessing but kings makes everything better. Every class that can buff should get something like ZOMG buffs to automate this. It is able to look at people's specs and I haven't had it guess wrong about buffing some one yet and I've been using it as I leveled my druid since the very beginning.

  4. Orvillius@Coilfang says:

    I always look at the healer's mana before blessing. If they've got 20K or more (in a heroic) I figure they'll be happier with kings, if they have less than that I'll usually give them Wis. Not that I would ever refuse to change if they asked for the other one.

    • Rhii says:

      My pally always takes wis… but since she blesses herself, she'll *gladly* take kings from you too! 😛

      My shammy always wants kings. Wis interferes with mana spring totem, and she'd rather have both than just one.

      Priest could go either way, and honestly doesn't fuss about either, as long as she gets something. If she doesn't get something, she'll go all sulky and refuse to buff you too. 😛

  5. Rades says:

    Did you change your comments system? Seems different.

    As my tree druid I just take Wisdom or Kings, whatever the pally wants. Unless I’m specifically tinkering with a low-mana regen gearset or something, I don’t find it really matters (in heroics, anyways). It IS super annoying when I get NEITHER though – sometimes even with multiple paladins!

    By far my most hated PUG peeve is insulting other people’s specs. So that mage is Frost. So this hunter is Beast Mastery. Even if that priest is 71/0/0. WHO CARES. As long as they are holding their own and contributing adequately, just leave them be…it’s just antagonistic and frankly, being a jerk to berate someone for their spec. And after half an hour you’ll never see them again anyways, so just let it be.

    • Rhii says:

      Agreed, on both your annoyance with getting no buffs, and your take on specs.

      It's even worse when it's below 80. My dk was told she shouldn't level any spec but blood. I don't enjoy the blood playstyle… at all. Can't stand it. Makes me want to harm myself. So I normally do frost dps or unholy dps on a lowbie dk. You would be amazed at the number of people who criticize that choice. Remind me why I should min-max in Blood Furnace again?

      And I get a lot of comments for being a skinning priest too. Yes, I have skinning/enchanting instead of tailoring/enchanting. It's a little uncommon I suppose. But I already have a northrend level tailor, so why would I level another? Leave me alone, my choice of professions is my business.

    • Rhii says:

      RE: the comments.

      I think they're buggy or something. Every now and then Intense Debate seems to take a vacation and Aurdon has to jump through hoops to get it back. I'm glad it isn't me.

    • EchoNotEcho says:

      My PuG rule (shamelessly borrowed from my Guild's basic Raid philosophy) is: If a rezzer survived, it isn't a wipe…and if we're all alive and they're all dead, we're doing it right.
      Why would anyone give a damn, especially in leveling content, about spec? Unsolicited advice about my spec at 40? I'm rude. Worthwhile WHISPERED commentary/advice as I approach 80, when accompanied by the reasons why/why not…love it.

      Had a Paladin tank make a suggestion to my Warrior at 80 that resulted in a Woah! moment…and improved my DPS by 10%

      • Rhii says:

        Oh yeah, for sure there's a difference between helpful advice and nitpicky criticism.

        Keeping it in a whisper is probably the single most helpful thing you can do when giving spec/rotation advice. About the only thing I'll say in party is "could you turn on (or off as the case may be) righteous fury?"

  6. Hagu says:

    I just had a premonition about how horrible the first week of cata will be.

    You will have this horror show of 3 to 5 very intense days of repeatedly running dungeons until 85. With the most elitist, judgmental players, new to their spec, and under time pressure with few working addons in a buggy environment.

    • isheepthings says:

      This = True to the nth degree. Thats exactly how I see most ppl running to 85. Questing just enough to nab the dungeon quests and then grinding in dungeons for the rest of it.

  7. Brajana says:

    I’ve leveled my paladin as a tank in almost purely dungeons from 20-69 (her current level), so I’ve experienced almost all of these problems too. To remedy some of them, I tend to just use a macro at the beginning of the dungeon that says something along the lines of: “If you would like a blessing other than Kings, let me know. If you need me to stop for mana, just say something!”

    But I must say, my biggest annoyance by far is when people pull (on purpose) WHO AREN’T THE TANK! Oh my gosh, that drives me crazy. If I haven’t pulled yet, there is probably a good reason. Patience is a virtue!

    • Fregon says:

      Veteran tank's personal opinnion:
      If impatient people pull, impatient people take the hit, and if impatient people die, it's their fault. I'm not there to babysit the DPS, or healers to that end (oh yes, especially paladins, but I've seen a tree body-pulling in lvl80HC) who can't wait for that split second I turn to talk with my girlfriend, or prep to build up rage, it's a 15-30minute run anyways, so I'd imagine people to relax and cool down a bit.

      • isheepthings says:

        Yeah thats my thoughts when playing the healer in the instance. If aggro won't transfer over to the group then I let them die, rez, and move on. If they brought aggro to the group…I let them die, wait for tank to control the mobs, heal till out of combat, rez, and move on. Either way if I can "Educate them" by not sending heals their way for being a tard, then everybody wins.

        Thats only if I'm the healer…if I'm on my mage…well…./cast invisible.

  8. Bakhunin says:

    I am SO with you on being really irate about people who don’t buff. Offhand it’s mostly been pallies, but that might just be me thinking that because you mentioned pallies and it resonates.

    I actually prefer wis on my shaman at 59 so I can drop healing stream instead of mana spring – it helps when there’s group wide aoe happening. And by helps, I mean it helps me be lazy. 😛

    • isheepthings says:

      Ugh i have a baaaaaaaaaaad habit of my mana spring dropping when pally's in the group…eating up their BoW. I need to just remove that and always go healing stream.

  9. I am with you on the not having rez thing. I ran a Deadmines with my lil resto druid healing. I ended up faceplanting in the room with the ramp and the billion goblins. Neither the prot nor the ret paladin who survived had done their rez quest. I hate running back to my body in that dungeon!

    I can forgive missing buffs, especially at 80 in heroics, especially if everyone out-gears the instance. It is less forgivable at lower level because those buffs can really make a difference. I always buff, even if I'm running to keep up. If the group wants an oom healer, that's their problem. ~wicked grin~

    People who pull ahead of the tank definitely needs to be on the list. I actually had a hunter argue with a warrior tank the other day that he is actually helping. If he pulls and gets a bunch of aggro the tank can taunt off of him and thereby instantly get the same amount of aggro. Forget the part about everyone having to stop dpsing at that point so the tank can keep the aggro, if he can without any rage. ~shakes head~
    My recent post To Do List (Before Cataclysm)

  10. sonatasun says:

    My biggest aggravation comes trying to level a tank in the instances. I recently had a pally in deadmines who rolled dps casting consecration. I whispered him asking him to refrain to which he replied, that I am not pulling fast enough. IMO, he should have rolled tank. TY for the rare invitation to QQ.

    As a priest, it was the tank nagging me to cast fortitude as he chain pulled causing me to to OOM.

    Whatever happened to enjoying to moment?

    • Rhii says:

      I know, people skip bosses in lowbie instances, like it was a heroic you want to get over with as fast as possible… I dunno about you, I'm there for XP too!

  11. Callan S. says:

    ““Ubartank, did you really *need* those spellpower bracers?””

    I find that to be asking for mind reading as much as ‘WTF?’.

    It asks a question without actually saying what your own point in saying it is, the same as WTF does.

    • isheepthings says:

      I've found recently that these folks rolling need on these items (just because they can) are trying to hit the Needy achievement. Even so they need to start out by saying so and mentioning that if someone else really needs (and will use) the item, then they'll gladly trade it off.

  12. Rich says:

    Argh! I'm sitting here at work reading your blog post (corner facing desk, ftw!) and my blood pressure rose, my neck bunched up, and I shield slammed the girl from accounts. No signature for you!

    Yup, those things are mighty annoying. So well done on the blog post. Mission accomplished.

    Oh, and EJ's for 80s just became my new catchphrase 🙂

  13. Quidamtyra says:

    I've been playing WoW for quite some time, and I just finished leveling my first healing class. So a fresh 80 queuing for heroics and we get DTK. You know those mobs near the end that fear? Yea, as the healer I got feared through my group to the other side and the (shockingly) pally tank was obviously using his keyboard to do a 180, didn't pick them up in time and we wiped. First wipe in a heroic =

    He started yelling at me that I sucked and should quit playing then the whole group decided he was right and I was wrong and vote kicked me. That's what really pisses me off. Everyone thinks they are better than anyone.

    • Rhii says:

      Eww, I'm sorry that had to happen to you. There are times that it's nobody's fault… and then there are times that it's a bunch of people's fault combined…

      But there are very few times you get anything out of making a big deal out of it.

    • isheepthings says:

      Who's ever fault it was aside…there is always something new you didn't know (or had forgotten about) when you are playing a new role (this time healer) in a instance you've done 100 times before. I constantly find out that there is some armor debuff from a boss as a tank or some poison i never knew about as a healer. Its really worth while to roll these other classes to experience what others go through on these adventures.

      And yeah…pally needs to find his AoE taunt button…kicking you 1 pull from end boss is pretty freakin lame

  14. Runningboar says:


    Has to be the most annoying of all.

  15. Sahara says:

    Wow, I could second ALL of the above comments!

    The one that gets me the most is as I am trying to learn to tank on a low-level paladin (BEFORE I get to 80) and some other plate-wearing class (cough pally/warrior cough) decides they're going to tank for me instead. How the heck am I supposed to learn to tank if they're doing it FOR me even though they qued as dps? They should have qued as tank if they were going to tank! Half the time they have never done the instance before either so they pull as if they are an OP level 80 doing an easy dungeon and have made my healer (usually my husband) go OOM. It's all around BAD FORM!

  16. Shajtan says:

    Hey there

    After years of being an avid, yet passive reader, this topic and my recent experiences made me post couple of my observations. If you guys play on US realms and still complain about bad habits in PUGs, know it’s not as bad as it could be.

    I have been playing on US realms for 4 yrs. After college I returned back home to Europe, and sadly the time difference was suddenly preventing me from raiding with my old guild, on any other for that matter. After couple of months, I made hard decision to leave couple ICC-geared 80s behind, and start fresh on EU servers (since Blizz doesn’t do US – EU toon transfers). I picked Silvermoon, since it’s arguably the best PVE server in the world (progression-wise).

    So, I have rare opportunity to compare/contrast pre-80 PUGing on EU and US servers. My EU mage just dinged 79 after a month of leveling solely through dungeon finder. And I can tell you I miss the US PUGs so much it hurts. There is couple of reasons why:

    • Know that there are always 1-2 out of 5 people in your group that doesn’t speak English (or language of no one in your group), so the communication with them is just out of options. If you think it’s difficult to get a buff from lazy person, try getting it from a person who doesn’t speak your language. Just last night my group was desperately trying to tell our DK tank to get into frost presence, we tried like 12 languages, none worked :).
    • Dropping groups. Out of around 300 Total 5-player dungeons entered on my way to 79, I can tell you that there were maybe 4 or 5 which I finished with the same people with whom I entered. In most cases, people drop group at first wipe.
    • Poor gear selection/itemization and substantial lack of knowledge. I am not over exaggerating here. I am speaking druid tanks in full spellpower gear, I am talking hunters without pets and I am talking fury-talented warrior tanks. The situation around tanks is especially sad, and to see a tank with tanking talents and even tanking gear is rarity. It blows.

    I don’t know why it’s the case but there is a HUGE gap between PUGing at 80 and during leveling. On Silvermoon, I see people successfully PUG LichKing (with most of the fights along the way done on HC) or [He Feeds On Your Tears]. However, the leveling PUGs are just sheer pain. On US servers, I could say that the knowledge and awareness of one’s class was dispersed pretty much evenly among the player base. On EU servers however, while the skill and situational awareness of some people is just pure mad (in good sense), there is fair share of players who really have no clue whatsoever of how their class function. And the gap between those two groups is much much wider on EU servers then on the US ones. Maybe it’s a language barrier, as most of the guides and best advice on the Internet is in English, I am really not sure tho…

    • Rhii says:

      WOW! Maybe I shouldn't talk?

      The other day we had a non-English speaking paladin zone in. He obviously thought he had been slotted as a tank, but he was actually slotted as dps. We couldn't figure out how to get him to switch to his other spec and take off RF, because we couldn't talk to him.

      English and Spanish were tried, but there aren't any more really widely spoken languages here, so nobody had anything else to try.

      The language he was using was… something Germanic other than German.

      That's the ONLY time I've ever run into a language barrier on the US servers though.

      • isheepthings says:

        While taxing…i think that might have been a fun run…Quick alt tabbing to to try and find the catch phrases you need to get by. Quite a different run to say the least.

    • isheepthings says:

      Ugh…man I'm sorry. I have experienced 1-2 runs in instances where I finished the whole run but had 7-10 other members pass through the group. I would not wish that on anyone

      I've been lucky enough to only have non-English players in DPS roles. Worst we had was a Warlock that could "get by" with a bit of English but asking for a soul stone or health stone was like pulling teeth.

  17. RobQ says:

    Refusing to buff is my #2 pet peeve – and it’s consistently pallies. Normally they eventually buff when asked, but I’ve had a bad opinion of them ever since one blatantly refused to buff the party and threw out some explanation no one could understand about how we weren’t worth him spending the effort to figure out his addon.
    On my priest and mage I consider it part of my role to buff the party and keep it up.

    My #1 PUG pet peeve is the lack of repercussions – people can be asses with LFG and get away with it, there’s nothing you can really do. It’s mostly the “I’m an uber god, shut up you all suck” tanks. I don’t know if it’s the tank’s power over us (queue times) that draws the big egos, or if egos are spread evenly and there’s just little way for the DPSers to show it.

    But really – 99% of my randoms go off without issue.

    • isheepthings says:

      Yeah I hate the lack of repercussions as well. We had a tank and DPS in a group one time that were the worst ever. Constantly pulling too fast and blaming the other DPS when it was clearly their fault. As the healer that run it was my sworn job to keep the asshat tank alive or we'd all die. When we got to the final boss I did my best to let him die and yet still down the boss. It was close…the pally tank had to Lay on Hands as well as Bubble at the end.

  18. aradil says:

    whats really annoy me those days (as i level a healer shaman through outland) is people that level-up and leave the group, sometimes even in middle of a fight…what the hell so important about that new level that it worth ditching the group for?

  19. zupa says:

    I know I'm a bit late but I'm going to chuck these up anyway, they are a lil different to most of the common gripes.

    I recently got sick of tanking and maging and decided that I rather like rolling hots and so have been levelling my resto druid. I have put on about 40 levels in the past weeks, and thats almost exclusively from healing instances.

    My pet peeves:

    1. Nobody gets my jokes. Perhaps my humor is the type that can be mistaken for just me being a bit of a weirdo and this is more likely among strangers. I have been called annoying but everybody loves my hots so they put up with my jokes.

    2. Nobody takes my advice. I know a lot about this game, which is to be expected when you actively participate in something that you find interesting for many years, especially if you have a curious nature and serious google skills. I can help people when they are failing, and I always make a concious effort not to be offensive, but mostly people a) dont listen b) get pissed off and c) continue to suck.

    3. Sometimes my heals are too good. Tanks and DPS might stay alive after doing the most retarded stuff because I am on the ball at the particular moment and I heal them through situations where they really should have gone splat. Next thing I know the tank thinks pulling 3 groups at a time is fine (it is) even when each pack has a mob that fears (not so fine now is it) Makes me wonder if I just let them die in the first place they won't go around trying unreasonable shit or just being out and out lazy and standing in the bad.

    4. Mobs beating on me. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! damn that gives me the irrits. If you are a tank, and you don't have something that tells you if people in your party, in particular the HEALER has aggro, YOU HAVE FAILED AND CONTINUE TO FAIL.



  20. isheepthings says:

    Wow…."your talents can wait dude…your not level cap, you'll need this xp anyway so finish the run."

    how lame.

  21. Exarian says:

    I play a pally healer and my biggest pet peeve is the tank that zones in and hits the ground running. I understand you may want to get the run done fast, but give me 30 seconds to change specs and buff up everyone! Its not my fault that you run off and pull 5000 mobs and die because of no heals.

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