In Which I Adopt a Newbie, And What Happened After.

In Which I Adopt A Newbie

The other night my level 58 priest was hanging around Brill, looking for a chicken to go /chicken at, when a baby level 7 mage whispered me to politely ask what it was that made me choose the priest class. Asking an altoholic why they chose their class is a tricky business, since the answer is probably “I didn’t have one of these yet” or “I felt like it that day when I woke up.”

It turns out that this mage had just started his first character that day, and needed a little help making sure he’d chosen the right class. Fortunately, while not really an expert (I was a newbie too when I was a mage), I do know a thing or two about mages, and about priests, which was the class he was thinking maybe he should have chosen instead. So we tossed around different abilities for a while. I told him about the three mage specs, and about shadow priests (he wasn’t interested in healing) and I demonstrated some priest abilities like bubble and shadowform for him.

And he decided he liked his mage after all. And even after he was more or less done needing help from me, I kept following him around because we were just chatting and having fun. I gave him two six slot bags, and we snuck our way into the Western Tirisfal Glades together. You know the large empty area to the west of Deathknell? You can bounce up into it if you keep trying along the cliffs that border it. Inside are weird looking cliffs and holes that we promptly got stuck in. It was cool though.

And then I watched him figure out how to kite all by himself. He ran past me and said, hey look, if I keep using my frostbolt, he can’t hit me, and proceeded to kite a spider all over the woods, laughing at it all the way. I really wished I’d been smart enough to figure that stuff out as a baby mage.

So long and short, he’s now in my guild, I’ve pretty much adopted him. Β He needs people to ask when he isn’t sure if he should spend his talent points now, or save them up because he can’t decide if he wants to be frost or fire spec (spend them now, you can get them back if you change your mind later!). I call him my pet noob, and he calls me a baddie and tries to duel me a lot. His enthusiasm is really refreshing. I’m very glad I was chicken hunting that night in Brill, and bored enough to hang around tossing bubbles at a level 7.

And What Happened After

Its been three days since I first wrote this post… I was saving it as a draft so I didn’t post over Aurdon’s SCII observations. And today I got a sad mail. My newbie friend decided it was selfish of him to have rolled on a different server than his IRL friends, so he rerolled his mage on the server they play on. He sent me all his WoW gold and a nice letter thanking me for making him so welcome.

I’m very sad.

But I’ve rerolled to play with IRL friends before, namely Aurdon and Adreanna, and it was sad to leave the friends I had on the old server. But it was worth it. And I’m sure it will be worth it for him too.

But I’m still very sad.

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3 Responses to In Which I Adopt a Newbie, And What Happened After.

  1. Tebla says:

    Damn, that is a little sad.

    And, I wish I had figured kiting out as a baby mage, too.

  2. @_Rades says:

    That is so cute, heartwarming, and sad all at the same time! πŸ™ When I read "I call him my pet noob, and he calls me a baddie and tries to duel me a lot." that really made me laugh. It's too bad he left! But at least he left for nice reasons. Kind of bittersweet, I guess. It also says a lot that he was considerate enough to give you his riches, meager though they undoubtedly were.

    It really is the random, unexpected interactions with strangers ingame that can really make for some great memories. πŸ™‚
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  3. Tamarind says:

    Awww, I'm sorry your baby-mage has moved on but it sounds like it was a very positive experience for both of you while it lasted. Also I think the behaviour of more experienced players to new players can have a huge impact on the game experience of both. I probably wouldn't have stuck at WoW at all if I hadn't been someone's pocket noob, and even though I'm not in touch with that person any longer I still remember him whenever I encounter a new player in the game.

    Also, you never know, he might seek you out again a long time in the future when friends move on, guilds change, servers change … WoW connections can be surprising like that πŸ™‚

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