Old Homes, New Homes

Since leaving my old guild, things have been pretty nice in the World of Warcraft. I finally feel like I can log onto my home server without being confronted with a facefull of stress and angst. It’s like coming home, sort of. Without my mother meddling in how I sort my laundry.

I joined up with Aurdon’s guild, Resurrection, which is definitely in a period of rebuilding, but has JUST the kind of culture that I have been looking for ever since I started joining guilds. It reminds me of my very first leveling guild on Hyjal (the now defunct “Hordie Helpers”) which was run by a mom, and was filled with people who did not mind waiting if you yelled out in the middle of an instance run “brb, baby!” — or in my case “brb, dog barfing on the rug!”

Anyway, to make a long story short, RIP Blood Tide… Long Live Rez.

On Monday night we went and did some fun-raids, which was awesome. I can’t remember the last time going to a raid wasn’t an exercise in stress and frustration. This was definitely not. We actually went to Naxx first (can you believe it? a guild in Naxx! <3) and we killed just Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad to pick up a key for Maly. I landed some hawt loot in the form of the t7 tank hat. Which I will keep just in case I ever get a prot spec. 😛 It can’t hurt. After Naxx we went to OS and flung ourselves at Sarth 3D for a while. We didn’t get him, but we got him to 17% a couple of times, and good fun was had by all. I suppose we’ll get him next time. It wouldn’t kill me to have that achieve.

And then later in the evening we headed off to Ulduar to show Razorscale a thing or two. She was the weekly, and since we’re all so undergeared for Naxx, we were keen to pick up those 5 frost badges. *chuckle* Somehow we managed to overstock healers by one or two, and there were so many heals flying around during Razor I got bored and just started whacking her with my sword. I’m pleased to say she died.

Anyway, we did some old raids in a totally lighthearted manner. Some flasks were drunk, some fishes were nommed, and good times were had by all. At no point did I feel as though I had an ulcer coming on, and I didn’t rain any curse words on my unsuspecting dog, so it was a good night.

And then Thursday I did what I threatened in my last post and rolled up a little baby shaman. Zimzi the troll was born. And she is a cute bugger — Strong halitosis be but one of her feminine traits. I have been blitzing her through instances and feeding her profession mats from Rhii and Myr and she is growing up big and strong! She’s level 36 now, and she’s got 285 alchemy and 233 tailoring skill, and she’s a prodigy in all things. I am LOVING it.

She's got all this... and personality too!

My goal is to level her solely through instances/instance related quests (and whatever unavoidable exploration xp I get from picking up flightpaths en route to instance related quests) and to max out her profs as quickly as possible. So far so good. I’d also like to do EVERY old world 5 man on her, because there are several I’ve never seen, and what better time than now?

So needless to say, I’m sorely neglecting my SAN toons at the moment. Don’t worry SAN, I still love you… I’ll be back. It’s just that right now I’m loving my old home server and my new guild too much to leave them for even a minute.

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8 Responses to Old Homes, New Homes

  1. Rades says:

    That's awesome Rhii, sounds like everything negative that was weighing on you before has disappeared. What's the term? 150% more fun? 😉 Good to hear you've landed on your feet with good people. 😀
    My recent post Buying the Sparkle Pony is buying gold

  2. Rades says:

    That's awesome Rhii, sounds like everything negative that was weighing on you before has disappeared. What's the term? 150% more fun? 😉 Good to hear you've landed on your feet with good people. 😀
    My recent post Buying the Sparkle Pony is buying gold

  3. Orvillius@Coilfang says:

    Grats Rhii! My guild is about to start Ulduar tomorrow night after bringing a bunch of our new level 80's through a few wings of Naxx. Razorscale was the first raid boss I ever tanked and I'm excited to see him with my whole guild at my side this time. Having a guild full of reasonably mature, decent people makes such a difference!

  4. Tamarind says:

    Rhii with 150% more happiness!!!

    I'm delighted.

    It's about time you had some, wossname, oh yes, fun in the game :)

  5. Vidyala says:

    I'm glad to hear you're doing so well and having so much fun. 😀 I had a hard time getting into the 5-mans around level 60 or so (Strat, Scholo) because it lets you queue for Ramparts by that point and so most people do. Hopefully you'll have better luck on your battlegroup, though!

  6. Disciplinary Action says:

    Nicely played! And I love what you've done with your underbite.
    My recent post Honor Roll: Tanks Who Do It All Night Long

  7. Mrstoneskin says:

    Some flasks were drunk, some fishes were nommed.
    ^^ I lol'ed ^^
    Glad to see you are enjoying the game again, not many people do anymore >.<

    My recent post Multiboxing

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