Aurdon is not dead. He is Undead

Well yet again I find myself popping in a post after an extended absence.  As I’ve said in pasts posts…if I ever do shut down for good…there WILL be a post about it.  This is NOT that post.  Its just another “Sorry I don’t post as often as I’d like to”.  Work, family, raids, other games (heresy!) have all but filled any moment of the day I have to spare for posting on the blog.  And I still stand by “I’m not going to post something just to post something”.  When a post happens its cause I found something cool or I want to hear my readers thoughts.  Hopefully both.  But I’m not going to dedicate this post to the lack of posting.  This post goes to my often too neglected mage!

Aurdon was rolled back in 2004 when the game launched and has been my main….well had been my main.  Then along came a new exciting hero class which I got to play in its pure OP form in WotLK Beta.  I decided I wanted to give some attention to a DK when WotLK launched and thus Raze rose up (cee wut I did thar) and became my first 80.  Well at 80 you start raiding immediately in my guild.  And we raid alot so not much time was spent on Aurdon.  I played him now and then casually and he slowly gained a few levels.  This weekend I got in big kick to level him with my wife’s character (Hi Adreanna! /kiss) and can now remember all the fun I had as a mage.  It really is a fun class to play.  I’m actually trying to focus more on him so I can get him into raiding again.

Leveling arcane I think is the way to go.  So much movement and interactivity to spell procs make it quite enjoyable.  Also as a leveling mage, the mana regen from arcane abilities mixed with a Glyph of Evocation make it an obvious choice.  I tried FFB spec when I hit 75 but it was pretty meh.  From what I gather FFB spec is best with high crit (which I dont’ have leveling) and even so not many raiding mages like the DPS from that build.  FFB was just too much “spam teh one key!!oneoneelevenone!!”

Its silly how far my “good enough for sunwell” gear is taking me too.  I know this topic has been covered many times before but dang.  I can recall a few months back a 76 mage in Northrend greens jumped me when I was only 72 and in my TBC raid gear.  Wow did I destroy him.  I looked him up on the armory later and saw that I had about 400 more spell damage then him and equal HP and mana pools.   I’ll also give credit to the fact I was arcane spec (favorable for PvP) and he was Frost.  Even now at 76 I’m still passing on all quest greens…and fueling my disenchant stockpile.

So how did you guys level your mages?  Ice AoE?  Fire all the way?  Arcane supremecy?  Let me know.  Looking forward to hittin 77 so I can speed all these Northrend quests up.

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10 Responses to Aurdon is not dead. He is Undead

  1. Neverdown says:

    My first talent point was spent in Frost, and I've never spent a talent in another tree (lolol raided kara in frost epic fail). I think my spec when I hit 80 was like 0/0/71 or close. Now I'm dual spec frost PVP and arcane pve.

    • isheepthings says:

      I did fire pretty much till 60 then specced frost (wow so many crits!). Then TBC came along and I dabbled with arcane and ended up with a pom pyro (when that was still possible)build till 70 and did a cookie cutter raid fire build. Now I'm finding arcane is the most easy to level with….slow, instant invis (to avoid gankers on my PvP realm), speedy evocations….

  2. Anna says:

    For what it’s worth, my tier6+ shaman didn’t replace a single item of her gear until she was level 78, and that was DPS gear, and she healed a good bit of level 80 content in level 70 epics until she got them replaced.

    Other characters with lesser progression have replaced faster, but my level 72 priest is still in all level 70 gear as well!

    And – to answer your question, my mage is leveling FIRE! But she’s only level 53 >.>

  3. Connor says:

    My mage is pretty much pure arcane. Really worth checking out since Wotlk. Arcane Barrage and Arcane Blast get you big damage quick.

  4. Eury says:

    I haven't leveled arcane or frost since. . .oh level 30-something. With all the free talent rebuilds pre and post WotLK I toyed with arcane and frost for a day or two here and there, but my heart and soul have always been with the fire tree. I tried a few different tweaks with my FFB build for raiding, and I am pretty happy with where it is now. My PvP build is (gasp!) fire. While it's definitely not the best build for PvP, it's a lot of fun and it duals as a great solo build as well.

  5. Cathy says:

    I leveled as frost and didn't go arcane until after 3.1 I would have thought that leveling as arcane would be way to mana intensive? So much to learn so little time:)

    I have grown to love arcane. As an old lady playin the game its a nice simple rotation and I can put out some pretty good damage. I recently began a mage on a new server and this time picked a Draenei for the heal which is awesome and then put that with herblism for the Life Blood heal and you are good to go with any spec.

    • Rhii says:

      You're not kidding! That's what I use with Rhii, pure arcane spec with Gift of the Naaru and Lifeblood… Those have gotten me out of many a sticky situation, and even occasionally helped out a friend with Gift. It's nice.

  6. gnomeaggedon says:

    I leveled all the way through 80 in my Kara/badge gear without a problem. I might have replaced a couple of things, a cloak here, a trinket there… but these weren't necessary.

    Azeroth Advisor told me the entire time that I was ahead of the average Mage on every stat apart from Spirit and Stam…

    If you are Arcane, you wont need to do anything… hit 80, hit the heroics/raids and get your gear then. Your Arcane DPS in TBC gear will probably be better than my FFB DPS in WoLK gear.

    Which really means you can pick and choose your leveling path too… no need to pug it out in pre-80 instances if you don't want to, just grind or quest.

    As it was I think the dailies probably deprived me of two zones of content… it was all so fast.

  7. Chu says:

    I found arcane too mana intensive and if I didn’t kite perfectly I’d have to sit and eat. Deep frost has such consistent killing power, especially for multiple mobs. Glyph of evocate and mana gem all the way. FoF and pet are great when combating gankers and while grinding, it will seem as though the pet is always up.

  8. Ghentise says:

    I leveled as a fire – then FFB mage through the WotLK. I always worked quests solo that were several levels above me, and being able to slow the big nasty with the FFB to give you that 1 extra cast was usually enough to kill him before you get smacked.

    I plowed through the expansion to get to 80 ASAP for raiding, and then switched to arcane (uber DPS – sucks mana like crazy), but the TtW/fire build i use on my dual spec does pretty sweet DPS now as well.

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