Aurdon “the Alone”

So Cataclysm has been out for little more then a week an its already wrecked my life.  Yes I’m being over dramatic here but I’m not when I say its literally torn my guild apart.  Story time…

Aurdon was born on 11/23/2004.  My wee little ole mage came to be on launch day.  On that day I rolled on the server I that my guild from SWG had planned on playing.  Kel’thuzad.  A PvP server in the mountain time zone which would later become part of Nightfall battlegroup.  That guild didn’t last much past my mid 40’s and then I joined Resurrection.  I have many friends in Rez and enjoyed playing with them immensely.  In fact the only times Aurdon left Resurrection is when we disbanded or split over raiding brick walls.  We’d merge into other guilds but then a new expansion would come out and reform up the old crew to stand on our own again.  This happens to be the first expansion that we’ve weathered the transition.  The only problem is that there could still be some rapids ahead.

As I had mentioned above, KT is a PvP server.  One which Horde are easily outnumbered 3:1.  You can see some data to back that up in the somewhat jumbled pages of  Just as a new expansion will bring back old guild members, it also brings back 3x as many alliance.  Questing is impossible for Horde on KT.  If you were on for the new launch all you saw was a sea of red named players who were all marked as hostile.  In the zones where you had Hyjal warden’s guarding, they’d be standing on lootable quest items begging you to hit them.  They were the ones standing on pillars evade bugging guards while a hellfire of lightning bolts rained down upon your soon to be dead body.  They were the ones who were exploiting totems and pets into fooling the AI that you “threw the first punch”.  And you were able to enjoy all of this…provided you logged in at 5am or you sat in the 1500+ queue for 2 hours after you got home from work.  This might sound like some of your servers this past week but this isn’t a mad rush due to Cataclysm.  This happens every time there is a new content patch.  Summoning stone?  Forget it.  Five alliance are sure to farming it rather then battlegrounds.  These are those that are waiting to get into the Kickball game known as Winter Grasp on our server.  Its a rousing game of 40 vs 14 where the games are quick and the balls are…well, horde balls.  The guild had enough and Blizzard tossed us a life line.  We took transfer.

I say we but not all of us made it.  Aurdon is one of them.  My main for nearly 6 years now left behind.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I just felt that being here since 2004 I can’t leave.  I don’t like the ganking and one sidedness of any horde vs alliance conflict but I’ve grown used to it.  Its just how the game is for me.  Its the battered wife syndrome.  Aurdon feels attached to KT.  So some how I’ll just split time between two servers.

The rest of my alts arn’t though.  I’ve moved over now and after 2-3 days of playing…I totally forgot about going back to check on Aurdon.  I mean I thought about him but I’m too busy trying to catch up to 85 with the rest of the guild now that I left my 85 (Aurdon) back on KT. I logged in to say fair thee well because honestly there is no way I can find the time to play on both servers evenly.  This is when I was hit with the second thoughts.

Is it silly to simply abandon him because that has been his home for so long?  I originaly felt that the new server might not work out and I’d have to pay to transfer back but so far, everything is great.  I’ve been ganked 2-3 times but this time the fight was 1v1 and the only advantage they had was a mob and a few levels on me.  Everyone in guild loves it here and I’m already missing my high level tailoring and enchanting.

Ugh…what should I do?

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  1. Rhii says:

    🙁 I feel you. I left Rhii on KT also, because I am not willing to change her name. But I don’t want her to go from my fun-times-achievement-hunter to my gathering-dust-ex-main. Really not sure what to do there.

    • Aurdon says:

      Thats what really lit the fire under this post. I logged in and needed some space so I mounted up on my “vendor mount” I spent 16k on…then flew down to Uldum for the blog post shot on my “invite a friend passenger” rocket. Thinking of this and the many other things makes me 2nd guess my perhaps missplaced feelings that I’m somehow honoring all my /timeplayed as Aurdon on KT.

  2. Loronar says:

    That is a predicament indeed. I sort of understand how you’re feeling. In the 2 years I was away, my guild had disbanded, and my old guildmates are nowhere to be found. I know no one else on the server and am essentially alone in questing and gearing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of a realm transfer, so I’m really at a loss of what to do. I even started playing on an alt that is now level 61 in just 2 weeks; he’s become sort of my new “main” on a different server, and at times I feel bad for abandoning the hunter.

    • Aurdon says:

      There is one of my old guilds ok KT that I had been in during the times Resurrection broke/splitered/took a time out. Interesting enough the GM contacted me maybe last Thursday around level 82 and told me I should rejoin. It was kinda sureal because at the time, I quit them cause I didn’t agree with the raiding philosophy (THATS A 50DKP MINUS YOU #$^&@&!!!) and I was getting benched a lot. Having been asked to come back was a bit flattering but TBH they just want to have numbers to push through new content. I can’t really blame them.

      Even if Aurdon does move (provided the free xfer is open still), I think I’m going to have a new raiding main, probably healing.

      I think you should do what you are doing, gear up the best you can…scope out your servers raiding guilds and see which one fits your play style the best and apply. All the while your keeping in shape running heroics and maybe a few pug raids.

      • Loronar says:

        Interesting you point that out. I am now in a guild that was recently formed and is now bulging in membership (though I don’t know anyone properly there), and I’m not sure if their intent is exactly what you mention. I’m sure this is topic for another day, but I’m wondering if guilds like that are truly sustainable because they’re in it for the perks and getting into content quickly. They are taking in as many people as possible so that they can cap guild XP every day.

        I think having a new raiding main is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, you are still seeing content even without that character of personal preference, but progress is still progress. Like Cynwise said below, the happier you are, the better. If not, it may actually affect performance on your new server as well.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I, unfortunately, can’t relate to the connection you feel to the server because I’ve been the server-hopping-bunny ever since I started playing. Every time I take a break, I come back and decide I want a fresh start. I eventually transfer all my toons over to that server. This is is the first time I’m starting an expansion on the same server I did the last expansion and have no intention of leaving. ^^; However, I can relate to the connections we make. I recently changed my main to my mage, but I refused to throw my middle finger at all the time and effort that my priest had put into collecting mounts and pets and achievements, so I made my mage my “raiding main” and my priest my “achievement main”. Not sure how I’ll manage to put the approapriate time into 2 mains (and one alt, my tank), but I’m determined to. >.<

    That said… the only thing I can offer is that maybe you can think about something else that you wish to honor Aurdon with? Is there something else that he's connected to? I love the RP side of the game, so I would likely come up with a story of him saying goodbye and going to join his friends and guild, but that's just me. Is there someway that you would honor the connection that he feels while still encouraging him to move on to something bigger?

    It sounds almost like an issue I had not a month ago. I didnt' want the Shattering to come. I was going to lose my favorite quests. The world would change and it would never be the same. I wasn't ready. I wanted dto freeze Azeroth just the way it was. But the Shattering came and when I started questing I was absolutely in awe with what Blizzard had done. Sometimes change can scare the shit out of us, but that doesn't mean it's bad change. It can be change for the better.

  4. Jen says:

    If you’re not keeping Aurdon on KT due to connections (e.g. friends still playing there) and you can still move to the new server for free, I’d go for it. It sounds like a nice place and having all the shinies go to waste on a char you barely play…

    • Aurdon says:

      This is sound advice. I’m not really sure what is compelling me to keep him on KT. Originally I thought I’d play on both servers but now after a few days I know I’m lying to myself.

      Its like I have some false sense of duty to go down with the ship. I just need more people to tell me thats stupid.

      • Cynwise says:

        You aren’t the captain of the server. You don’t have a duty to go down with the ship.

        Move your toons to where you can be happy, not where you feel obliged to stay. KT-H sounds like a bad place to be right now.

      • Sarama says:

        You’re paying $15/month, you might as well make it the best $15/month you can. It sounds like KT is def. not worth it.

        P.S. I transferred my Shaman from KT-H to Tichondrius-A about 8 months ago.

  5. Vidyala says:

    I can relate to this, a little bit, as Voss and I played on one server for the first year and a half that we played. It was the server where I knew people, I loved it there, it was “home.”

    But over a year ago now, we left. I took my main, and slowly my alts trickled over one-by-one and they are now all on our “new” server. I did feel a pang when I left, thinking it would never be the same. And it ISN’T the same, but that’s OK. I left some things behind (roleplay, primarily) but am happy with what I gained in return. It sounds like all you’d be leaving is the frustration of being in a hostile environment and a server that makes the game un-fun for you. Aurdron will be Aurdron no matter where you take him. I think you should move him, but of course you should do what’s best for you. 🙂

    (p.s. I even had to name change when I moved servers. “Millya” used to be “Milya” and I was really upset about it at first, but even that I got over.)

  6. Dàchéng says:

    Aurdon, the question you have asked is one that you already know the answer to. You just want to hear others say it. So I will: go!

    If it helps, you can remind yourself that you can always transfer back at any time you feel like it. Aurdon can visit the new realm, adventure there, but return to Kel’Thuzad whenever he feels like it.

  7. Dhalhuan says:

    I’d go my friend, I don’t think there is anything wrong with paying for a character transfer even and choosing a server of your liking.

    I’ve moved my 80 hunter (sad, I’ve been playing for 4 years and only have 1 80 due to my rampant alta-holicism) several times in order to ensure that I’m getting the best experience that I can on a server that is good and with a decent community.

  8. Jonas says:


    Much like you, I’ve played a mage since day one, which for me was 5 years ago in Classic. Meemmalu (Azuremyst – Horde), has and always will be my main. That doesn’t mean I haven’t leveled other characters to 85 (DK and a Pally, and 2 more up and coming), but there’s no way I would leave Meems behind anywhere. He was my “first” if you will. He’s the embodiement of the innocence and naivete of a true newb (does not equal noob) starting WoW. Whenever there’s new content, it’s always me and Meems discovering the new world. Working out the fights, following the lore, discovering new dungeons. I have had the misfortune of having to transfer both guilds and realms, which is not an easy process. But it has always been Meems that goes first.

    If nothing else, the one thing that should stand out the most is your blog. It’s not titled “My WoW Experience,” or anything so generic, nor is it about the realm. Your blog is an indication that some part of you identifies with a mage. Even in your post you seem to be sad to leave him behind when you clearly have the option not to. Your attachment is to your first toon. The realm you’ve already left. If you truly feel like you’re moving on and are done with the mage, then by all means, leave him be. But if you still feel this kind of attachment, my only question is why wasn’t he the first one transferred?

    Plus, if you leave your mage behind, the locks win. You wouldn’t want those dirty locks to win, right? Riiiiight?!

  9. Jonas says:

    Looks like I was a little late on my post. Aurdon appears to have already made the move. Good for you =D

  10. Osi says:

    If your spouse and children left for another state, are you saying you would stay behind?

  11. Gnomeaggedon says:

    Take the port if it’s still available.

    I think of the two toons I have left behind on old server… I log in occasionally, look at their rags, the quest log with the same partially completed quests etc.

    I then return to my new home… a few days later I wish I have just one more character at a reasonable level (I just don’t have the time to level another… Gnomeaggedon was nearly locked away for good when Squidly was leveling, and even now I have to make serious decisions when I log on each night.

    Of course, Gnomeaggedon is still my main. Aman’Thul is his home and he has a new family to go with it (It is very strange being in a guild after being solo for years… people like give you stuff… for free… just because you are there! Squidly never gave Gnomeaggedon anything for free!)

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