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Dugi’s Leveling Guide – First Impressions

Hi guys! It’s me Rhii! Remember me? I used to post here all the time. 😛 Just a quick plug, if I may be so obnoxious, I’m blogging full time now over at Oh My, Kurenai. Don’t of course, abandon … Continue reading

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Drumroll Please…

It was nearly two years ago that I made my first blog post here. I was a very very new player — I claimed I’d been playing six months, but I’ll be darned if I can remember the truth of … Continue reading

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Rhii’s Cataclysm Goals and Progress

Rhii is my achievement hunter and collector, so she’s got the most pre-Cata goals of my characters. This is what I’d like to get done with her before then: Master of Arms (FINISHED!) Ambassador (FINISHED! with 100% less Argent Tourney.) … Continue reading

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Why are we back to failing on Dreamwalker?

Man, I get so frustrated with raiding sometimes. There are good nights, last week we had our “triumphant” first kill of Putricide. I say “triumphant” in quotes because we’d have killed him long ago if people would stop thinking about … Continue reading

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In which the grouchy old lady caves… to the pressures of needing a cool new toy to play with on her cool new phone

I really like long titles. And I really hate admitting that I’m going back on my formerly stated principles, which I staunchly held for… no real reason. So I am ashamed to announce, I have betwittered myself. I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Windows Fail

This week I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7. Beautiful. 60 FPS in Dal all the time, and my average CPU usage has dropped by about 30%. I’ve never seen my computer run so beautifully. I loved it so much … Continue reading

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Goblins, We are an Individual!

In the recent turmoil of posts regarding gender and sexism in WoW, I made the pleasant discovery of the ‘mental shaman.  She has a really thought provoking post on the goblin starting area in the beta, and in particular, a … Continue reading

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Epic Win and Epic Fail – The PuG Rollercoaster

I’m going to start with the epic win, since all this fail stuff gets repetitive and depressing after a while. I’ve been leveling my priest pretty hard, and there are two tanks I’ve run more than once with who are … Continue reading

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Five easy ways to make your PuG healer love you (or at least not hate you quite so much)

Note: These are intended for leveling pugs, where the tank is not made of Duranium and the DPS only think they do OVER 9000!! and the group actually needs a healer to survive. 1) If you are a tank, don’t … Continue reading

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In Which I Adopt a Newbie, And What Happened After.

In Which I Adopt A Newbie The other night my level 58 priest was hanging around Brill, looking for a chicken to go /chicken at, when a baby level 7 mage whispered me to politely ask what it was that … Continue reading

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