Diablo 3: Infernal Machine

Yesterday Blizzard let us in on a Sneak Peek of what is coming for Patch 1.0.5 around defense changes and a new event called Infernal Machine.  They are continuing their habit of nerfing what needs to be nerfed but mostly buffing players and skills.  What intrigued me was the new event they mentioned which is the Infernal Machine.

New Event: Infernal Machine
The Infernal Machine is a device that will allow level-60 players to battle “uber” versions of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required.

What is the infernal machine?

What is this?  As of right now your guess is as good as mine.  The naming kinda reminds me of that room in the movie Thirteen Ghosts.  I like to think of this as the equiviliant to World of Warcraft’s Ring of blood.  I imagine this as being some portal that will take you to some demonic arena where you compete for glory, guts, and gains.

How do I craft the infernal machine?

Gathering will likely be the name of the game with the mention of “some assembly is required.”  Perhaps we’ll find drops off of inferno bosses?  It did mention was for level 60 players.  To assemble the Staff of Herding we had to look for randomly spawned encounters and instances to collect rare ingredients.  I liked that.  What I’m not going to like is just more of the same with Blizzard in the collection for the Infernal Machine.  Lets do something a bit different.

What is the infernal machine used for?

Well it would seem there will be some more challenging boss encounters.  Kind of an PvE Arena.  Will they be back to back?  Fight Maghda and The Butcher at the same time?  Who knows.  But this does appear to be a new content patch that Blizzard is giving us before Patch 1.1.0 goes live…PvP.

What the infernal machine drops be?

Likely just iLvl 63 drops… What I’m doubting will happen is a set loot table for these encounters.  That is something I wish they had implemented into the game.  I honestly expected hard boss fights where you would need a full group of properly geared and specced’ players to defeat teh boss.  Much like how they did things in WoW.  An example would be that the Butcher’s Carver is only obtainable by beating the Butcher (duh) in under X seconds or without standing in fire…that kind of challenge.  Still there would be variable limits on how good the drop actually was from it allotted item budget but still…knowing the reward would be nice. Farming is fun but players want to know where to look sometimes.  Blizzard needs to put usable items in the game much like they did for the staff of herding.  I’d like to have a clue on who/where I need to farm to find that sweet item I’ve been looking for.

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4 Responses to Diablo 3: Infernal Machine

  1. Browntown says:

    I’m pretty sure you never played d2, but for a reference, the Pandemonium Event from d2 is supposed to be quite similar to the infernal machine.

    • Aurdon says:

      I did play a lot of D2 but left before 1.12 came about…Was that when it was added? I remember reading about Uber Diablo being added to the game after X amount of SoJ’s where sold to the vendors. Also left before you could xmute up to a Zod rune.

      What was the Pandemonium Event? What did you do?

  2. Redbeard says:

    Given that D3 seems to have slipped into a WoW-esque model of support, do you think that Blizz views D3 as another MMO?

    • Aurdon says:

      I’m not sure at this point…I’d love to hear if the RMAH is really a cash cow or not. That would be the deciding factor of how they view this game. If they are seeing a constant revenue stream from there at a substantial amount, you can bet they view this as a somewhat important game still. There will be many content updates and man hours spent supporting the game so they protect their revenue stream…

      On the other hand, if the RMAH isn’t constant churning out enough money, they will simply “fulfill the terms of their contract” and support the game enough so that the fans don’t feel entirely neglected. Fans are upset already since launch…but thats at the game, not really the support. I like what I’ve seen in patches and future patches so things seem to be heading in the right direction…I would just love to hear an official quote on how profitable the RMAH is for Blizzard instead of just conjecture.

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