Drumroll Please…

It was nearly two years ago that I made my first blog post here. I was a very very new player — I claimed I’d been playing six months, but I’ll be darned if I can remember the truth of it. I had only managed to level to 32 though, and that seems like it’s awfully slow. But then again, I was a very new player.

I said in that first post that I was simply going to be doing some guest posts here, and that’s what I intended, but Aurdon got totally me hooked on blogging, and so I’ve been keeping you guys filled in all along whether I was achieving that first max-level ding, contemplating changing my main, or leaving a guild I’d worked so hard to run.

But there comes a time when a girl wants her own blog. So I’m moving!

You’ll find my new place all set up at OhMyKurenai.com. Mark your feedreaders or what have you if you’d like to follow me in my new home. Don’t forget of course, that Aurdon will still be here. I’ll be popping back in to do the occasional guest post as well.

So thanks everybody for making these first two years as awesome as they have been, and I hope you’ll keep reading me for the next two!

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