He’s dead Jim

SURPRISE!  I pretty much don’t play anymore.  Keeping true to my blogging promise, if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I’m not going to say it.  I absolutely refuse to put up posts unless I was mused to do so.  This has always and will always be my method of blogging.  I’ve always looked at my audience as a friend I might be discussing WoW with while munching on beer and pizza.  I’m not a Type-A personality and I don’t have that guru entrepreneur spirit that enables people to building a huge following because most of what I have to say isn’t all that interesting.  This is why when I started playing less and less WoW, there was absolutely nothing to post about.  Cataclysm came out, I blitzed to 85, and then we moved servers. There I did a heroic or two with the guild and ran a handful of early raids.  But I never really had the time I used to have.  Back in the “day”, I played nearly every single night and most days (when I had a “stay at home job”).  Since December, I’ve moved my family into our own home, was “restructured” out of my main job, was ½ employed for 2 months (I say ½ because for nearly 5 years now I’ve worked two jobs, one full and one part time), found a new job and still have no time.  Working 65-70 hours a week doesn’t leave much time for games when one of my favorite games is “pin the head on the pillow so we don’t fall asleep tomorrow during business hours”.  To that end, I’m announcing my retiring form WoW for the foreseeable future.  I’m not at all ruling out returning to the game at some point.  But for now it just doesn’t fit my schedule. That’s why I’m posting to say I Sheep Things.com is on official Hiatus instead of the unannounced absence that I’ve given it for the past 6 months.  Actually more like 18 months when you factor in Rhii did all the posting while she was here.  She almost wrote more posts then I did and likely is responsible for more traffic then I ever brought to the site.  Thank you for that Rhii.
What’s next? Well you can bet your arse I’ll be playing Diablo 3 the very day it launches.  I’ll likely keep up with the Starcraft 2 Expansions as they come out for the single player value.  If WoW adds something crazy awesome that I can’t pass up I’ll resubscribe.  That about does it for Blizzard gaming.  When I do have time for other games I play Heroes of Newerth and enjoy it.  My brother plays League of Legends so I’ll give that another try.  I’ll likely follow the masses and play Dota2 when it’s public.  I’ve preordered Star Wars the Old Republic which may keep my interest but I’m unsure that a MMO will be a good fit.  I did reserve a new blog location if I decide to post about my adventures there.  You can find it at Forcedtoplay.com.  If I decide to actually put effort into it I’ll come back here and highlight it.  Until then I’ll still be lurking about.  Feel free to follow me around the interwebs. Try and identify yourself where I may know you from if you add me to a friends list so I can do the same for you.

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3 Responses to He’s dead Jim

  1. Redbeard says:

    Good luck, and we’ll leave the light on for you!

  2. Jmantoo says:

    All I can say Andy is you are missed. But I totally understand what your dealing with. I took my 1st hiatus after 4 years of play because of work overwhelming my life. I for one will not be playing SWTOR, space games never really have caught my attention very much. But I will most definitely be playing Diablo III so see ya there!

  3. swtorSPEC says:

    I heard that Age of Conan (AoC) has gone free to play. Have you looked into that?
    I’m currently awaiting my early access code for SWTOR. Maybe I’ll be in the next round, we’ll see.

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