Subtle Debate on my comments system

Ok so this isn’t really a new topic, but it is a frustrating one

Several times now ID has desynched with my blog and made commenting …. difficult.  The latest incarnation has made it impossible.  ID’s support group has been helpful in past but its been 3days since I reached out this time and no answer.  This has been broken since Rhii’s farewell post and I feel she got the short end of the stick because nobody could really say farewell on the blog here (you can make it up to her by saying hello at her new blog:  Regardless this is my post in saying I’m going to wipe out the ID plugin, reinstall it from scratch and then see if that fixes things.  If things arn’t restored by this time tomorrow, we’re going back to the standard commenting system (which wasn’t bad in the first place) .

Do you guys even have a preference?  (although I suppose you can’t answer that really until we get this fixed lol….hit me up on twitter if the comments are down

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9 Responses to Subtle Debate on my comments system

  1. Psynister says:

    Screw the fancy stuff, we just want to leave comments.

  2. Rhii says:

    I wondered if the comments were broken, things seemed a bit dead around here. I really like ID when it's working. So much so that I put it in at the new blog also. But I suppose that if it doesn't work you might be better off going with a different system or plugin?

  3. Aurdon says:

    Yeah and seeing how I have 2 comments less then 5 mins after removing the plugin and posting about it…I might leave it off for a week and see if I even miss it.

    Post threading was nice but I guess we can all use the old @imtalkingtoyousucka method.

  4. Gazimoff says:

    I agree with Psy – go with the nice simple stuff. I’ve seen ID and Disqus cause more problems than they fix, while the built in stuff and Askimet seem to do everything that’s needed.

  5. Redbeard says:

    I know that whenever I requested pingbacks via ID I never received them, even though I know that you or Rhii had responded.

  6. Jen says:

    I never got why people bothered with ID or Disqus. The WP comments were fine for me, I felt that the other systems made it more difficult to comment or follow a conversation.

  7. Pewter says:

    I ended up turning it off on my site very quickly. I know a couple of people considering using ID or Disqus for reasons of more advanced moderation/banning abilities, without the need to enable registration on their own blog, but for the most part it’s unneeded, in my opinion.

    I just added the commentluv plugin, a link to my comment policy, and a ‘box expander’ that expands down to accomodate longer comments.

  8. Tam says:

    Intense Debate put me through hell – I actually had to resynch all the comments by hand (and by “I actually had to” I mean “I made a poor bastard friend of mine do it”) because I didn’t want to lose all those conversations.

    Now that threading has been implemented I just use the standard WP system and I love it for its ease and simplicity.

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