Get another golden key in Borderlands 2!!!

So Borderlands has been out for a few days now and I’m sure most who have played it have logged enough hours to make it to the central hub town of Sanctuary.  In there you’ll find a mysterious golden chest that can only be opened by….wait for it…..waaaaaait…….A GOLDEN KEY!   If you preordered the game you should have been rewarded with the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club DLC which grants you this golden key among other perks.  In this golden chest you’ll find a highly valuable weapon based upon your current character level.  Open at level 10 you’ll have an awesome gun that’ll last a day or so until you out level it…open at level 50 have an awesome gun that’ll last till a DLC raises the level cap.

So it pays to wait until the current level cap but what if you accidentally click on the golden chest?  Where do you get another key?  You can get another golden key by linking your account to Shift.  Gearbox’s Shift is an “online account service, where players can “redeem Shift Codes to unlock exclusive content for Borderlands 2.”  You can read more about it on this thread…

and then sign up here

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