Wrath Raid Awards

So Wrath isn’t over yet, but I got all inspired by Larisa and Cassandri‘s raid boss rankings. And I get the feeling I’ve probably gone just about as far in ICC as I’m going. Maybe I’m wrong (prove me wrong Res!) but it seems like as good a time as any to sum up the first few months of my raiding life with a few heartfelt awards.

I was going to try and think of a fancy pants name for them, but somehow the Rhii-ies doesn’t sound real good. I have an alt named Emiri, maybe I can call them the Emis. 😛

Anyway, I can’t rank the bosses since I didn’t kill them all, but I’m going to hand out some honorable mentions.

Number of Wrath raid bosses killed: 34/52 (Well over half, go me)

Biggest Embarrasment: Malygos

Yep, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never yet killed that flying blue booger. I think it comes from me being the healer. I can’t really outgear targeting the right thing and positioning myself near the other drakes, and I’m not real good at vehicle fights. And I’m even worse at 3D positioning. Vehicle fights WHILE 3D positioning? HA. Ha. ha.  If I ever kill Maly, it’ll be as DPS and others will be carrying me.

Boss Killed Most: Beasts of Northrend AND Lady Deathwhisper

Weird, I’ve killed the first boss of TOC a bunch of times, which makes sense, but I’ve actually killed Deathwhisper more times than Marrowgar OR Gunship Battle. I can’t remember subbing in after the raid had started or quitting after Deathwhisper. Maybe my memory is faulty. Or maybe it’s the armory. Who knows?

Easy Boss I Laughed At: Kologarn

We did kill him after he was nerfed, so I can’t really say I’d have laughed at him when he was new, but we were appropriately geared when we got him and he was… not hard. What he was, though, was fun. I really liked the giant torso sticking up out of the rocks that crumbles to become a bridge. And eye beams. There’s something really cool about eye beams.

Hard Boss that Made Me Want to Cry: Hodir

Guys, stand on the snow. /cry Why is it so hard to stand on the snow? /cry Look there’s a huge circle on the ground, go near it… when the snow falls, jump on top! /cry Jump around, FFS, don’t you remember Keristrasza? /cry Why are the NPCs dead? /cry

Fun Boss that Nobody Liked: Faction Champs

Once you learn which ones to kill first (for the love of god, put the skull on the SHAMAN!) it becomes fun! I solo-healed it after our first few wins (being the only one of our healers without a functional offspec) and so here are my instructions for solo-healing Faction Champs (10) as a holy paladin. Bind Cleanse somewhere very easy to reach.  Beacon self. Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse. Holy Shock. Cleanse. Cleanse Cleanse. Win. Look at dispells in recount and see huge numbers.  Feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Boss I Wish I’d Seen When it Was New: Sartharion

By the time I saw Sarth, he was trivial. I outgeared him a LOT. And we killed him pretty effortlessly with a bunch of noobs who were in their very first raid. It was kind of sad. Sarth looks epic. He’s grouchy and big and black, [Edit: and he does not has a really iconic line (Run away, little girl!) DBM you joker.] And he lives on an island in lava. LAVA! And there are waves that jump up and wash over you. This guy lives in a giant lava tsunami. Think about that for a moment. It’s a shame I didn’t see him when it was still even a little challenging.

Biggest Noob Moment: Loatheb

Only saw this guy once. Kept dispelling the spore debuff. What? Healers dispell debuffs.

Best Leet Moment: Koralon AND Lady Deathwhisper

There’s two of these because I had the same feeling of intense Leetness from two similar events. In both situations, my co-healer went down very early in the fight (for Koralon was it because my co-healer was fail, on Deathwhisper he was just very unlucky). In both situations things got hairy soon after. In both situations I had to LOH myself to restore mana — something I almost never do. In both situations we squeaked out a kill with most of the raid lying dead on the floor in pools of fire/death-n-decay.  That’s what being a holy paladin is all about. /flex Feel the Leetness.

Biggest Surprise: Flame Leviathan

I HATE vehicle fights. I hate drake riding, I hate riding Gymer, hate. But I LOVE that golf caddy. You should be in our vent when we go to kill Flame Leviathan. I race people for the siege engines and squeal and giggle and call them “See JenJens”. Yes I’m a girl, IRL. I’m actually pretty rotten at knowing where to go in my See JenJen and I pity my gunner, because I’m usually wandering off far from the group electrocuting random dwarves who didn’t do anything to me, but it’s FUN! Moar golf caddy!

Biggest Letdown: Gunship Battle

Gunship battle is fun for DPS. Gunship battle is fun for tanks… especially bear tanks with rockets strapped to their bums. Gunship battle is fun for the people who get to shoot the cannons. Gunship battle is not fun for me. I get to stand on the ledge at the edge of the ship and try to heal the crap out of a tank who is taking too much damage to be running out of LOS all the time. While being shot at by rockets that I can’t avoid without interrupting my cast. Yeah, yeah QQ moar. I don’t DISLIKE Gunship battle… it’s just that it’s pretty much like every other fight for me. I hear Valithria Dreamwalker is fun, though… I should try her.

Really Cool Mechanic I Liked: Gothik the Harvester

Another encounter that was trivial by the time I tried it, but still a neat idea I’d like to see implemented again. Having to divide the force made me really feel like I was infiltrating some enemy citadel, not just traipsing through an amusement park filled with spiders and undead. It felt cooperative in a way that a lot of encounters don’t feel to me. Like, we can defeat our side, but if our allies don’t pull through on their end, all is lost anyway. And we can’t help them. I don’t know, I just like it. Add Gothik to the list of things I’d like to have seen at the appropriate gear level.

Most Random Loot Acquired: Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling

Yes, the famous axe. Envy of DK tanks everywhere. Sadly, we didn’t have a DK in the group that day. If we had, I wouldn’t have this stupid ret set taking up all my bag space.

Most Needed Loot Not Acquired: Pride of the Kor’kron (and Annhylde’s Ring!)

I don’t know how many times I’ve run TOC. I suppose I could look it up, but I’m not going to. Suffice it to say, I ran it every week for several months. Did I ever see this shield drop? No I did not! Am I still using the Protector of Frigid Souls from reg POS? Yes I am…

And as a side note: Annhylde’s ring is not from raids, I know, I know… but Rhii wanted it so bad when she first dinged 80. About a billion UK runs later, she has still never seen it drop, despite the fact that it drops practically every time Myr runs through there. I don’t even need it anymore, it’s become about principle… Maddening.

Luckiest Loot Drop: Rhii’s Pants

Yep, luckiest drop, not even for my main. But those are some sweet pants. Too bad the rest of her gear is… shall we say rough?

Funniest Wipe: Onyxia and Cookies

First time we went to Onyxia’s Lair as a guild, our resto druid got hungry during the buffing up phase. So he wandered off to his kitchen for a cookie. While he was gone, his dad happened to pass by the computer and saw a very fascinating large dragon looking back at him. So he walked up to say hello. While the raid yelled “What are you doing?! AAHHH!” The druid was quickly made into toothpicks and the raid was then nommed by Ony at a semi-leisurely pace. Dad’s response? “That dragon isn’t very friendly. /frown”

Biggest Achievement: Deathbringer Down before the Pity Buff

My old guild had some problems showing up. And we were largely new to raiding, and quite honestly, not that well geared. We didn’t ever get into the second wing of ICC (excepting one extremely humiliating wipe on Festergut) and we certainly weren’t competing with the top guilds on the server. But we did clear the first wing before the Pity Buff struck. Which I think was a pretty good accomplishment for scrubs like us. Considering we were breaking in a new tank EVERY time we went in there.

And there it is! My Raid Awards for WotLK! Perhaps I’ll get some new ones before Wrath ends, but if I don’t, I’ve at least given the credit where it’s due and admitted the fails where necessary. 🙂

Here’s to Cataclysm, and new and better raids for all!

/playing Auld Lang Syne

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19 Responses to Wrath Raid Awards

  1. frostthorn says:

    um, annhylde’s ring drops from UK, not UP. that may be why you’ve never seen it

    • Rhii says:

      Er, no, I just confuse acronyms badly… lol. For example, the other day I called Blackrock Depths "BFD" multiple times. But I am killing Ingvar, not King Ymirion.


  2. Barix says:

    “Run away little girl” isn’t Sarth’s line. Deadly Boss Mods just adopted it as one of its warning sounds where appropriate. The actual in-game speaker of the line is the Big Bad Wolf from Karazhan’s opera house event.

    • Rhii says:

      Aww, dang it. 🙁 I knew DBM used it everywhere (Onyxia surely doesn't have that voice!) but I thought thought it was Sarth's originally. This is what happens when you didn't run Kara.


      You guys are making me look bad!

  3. Brajana says:

    Awesome! Brings back memories for me 🙂 Gonna have to do a similar post myself. I have a similar problem not only with acronyms but with dungeons in general. "The one with the guy you throw spears at!" is about as good as I usually get!

    • Rhii says:

      Haha, I'm horrible at acronyms. And I can't pronounce any boss names, so in vent I'm usually like… "You know, big angry spider lady!" when I mean Maexxna.

  4. Rades says:

    That Onyxia and Cookies wipe is hilarious. As Deathbringer Saurfang would say: "Hahahaha……dads."

    Luckiest Loot Drop: Rhii’s Pants. *……contemplates joke about them dropping, thinks better of it and hides*
    My recent post Some nice Children's Week karma!

    • Rhii says:

      ROFL! I didn't even think of that! It was TORAVON who dropped the pants. Rhii has them securely cinched up around her waist with an Essence of Anger. 😛

  5. Cassandri says:

    I don't think you'd be much more impressed with Sartharion if you visited him first week in. He just wasn't very difficult with 0 drakes… ever. I think about a month into Wrath I pugged it on an alt and we had a Paladin who didn't know how to buff anyone but himself (imagine 9 people saying: "Could you bless us with Kings?" for about 5 minutes before just giving up) – he was that raw – and we still got it first go.

    Now add in 1 drake… and it starts to get tricky!

    Nice list. I especially loved your Onyxia wipe story. /frown lol. I can't imagine a more dad-like emote!

    • Rhii says:

      Haha, it's one of my favorite raid moments. I think it probably will be forever.

      And poor Sarth. He should be so cool. But he's just so… impotent.

  6. Tamarind says:

    I LOVE ME SOME GOLF CADDY TOO. Ahem. I think it's a healer thing, to be honest, because you get to do AWESOME DPS for once. I usually spend my time in a gun turret, yelling KILL ZEM ALL over Vent, and making bang bang noises. Yes, I am an embarrassment. At least I don't call it a See Jenjen though 😛

  7. Kulseth, Moon Guard says:

    "Funniest Wipe: Onyxia and Cookies" was the funniest thing I've read online in a while, lol, Great blog!

  8. Imoh says:

    "Really Cool Mechanic I Liked: Gothik the Harvester

    Another encounter that was trivial by the time I tried it"

    That fight was always trivial, unless you were playing the Naxx Drinking Game (http://forums.darklegacycomics.com/viewtopic.php?t=982), that game led to some of the funnest nights raiding that I can remember.

  9. Rhii says:

    LOL! It sounds hilarious…

    Like I said, I don't know how trivial or not it was, because I got there so late. But it's the idea I like, more than anything else. We'll put Gothik right there with Sarth, then, in fights that had the potential to be so much cooler.

  10. SO all this, but most especially the supposedly amazingly, wonderfully fun Gunship Battle of Boredom.
    My recent post Self Discipline: Mr. The Lightbringer Will See You Now

  11. Dag says:

    If you liked Gothik for it's splitting up the raid mechanic, what did you think of Thorim in Ulduar? Talk about infiltration; that fight has one group distracting Thorim, fighting for their life against infinite adds, while another group fights through a gauntlet, a pair of minibosses, avoiding traps on the floor, all to sneak up behind Thorim and poke him in the leg!

  12. calsong says:

    Every time Malygos is the weekly we have to run it as a guild to get it done. Our strat involves having one person who knows how to move in 3D on a dragon (me or Outtkast) and everyone just /follows us. We then let the dps spam buttons and healers spam heals. Trivial, if you have someone you can trust.

    It sounds like you're having a rocking good time!

    My recent post When a Healer… shouldn’t

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