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Aurdon “the Alone”

So Cataclysm has been out for little more then a week an its already wrecked my life.  Yes I’m being over dramatic here but I’m not when I say its literally torn my guild apart.  Story time… Aurdon was born on 11/23/2004. … Continue reading

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Aurdon the Alt

Holy crap, this blog is still alive…was beginning to think nobody paid the bills here and they turned off the power.  I think Rhii had some internet issues.  That or she fell victim to an unfortunate Gnomish Transporter accident some 500ft above Gadgetzan.   … Continue reading

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Aurdon is not dead. He is Undead

Well yet again I find myself popping in a post after an extended absence.  As I’ve said in pasts posts…if I ever do shut down for good…there WILL be a post about it.  This is NOT that post.  Its just … Continue reading

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WoW Insider Show 56 read along

Hey guys.  I’m sure you’ve always been there.  You always remember something else you should have said or don’t feel you explained yourself well enough so here is a lengthy transcription of the show.  I paraphrased each question below along … Continue reading

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A piece of the Podcast Pie

Welcome new visitors to the site.  Obviously I’m sure most of today’s traffic is due to the announcement of my appearance on the WoW Insider Show this Saturday.  We prerecorded it last night and it should be available this Saturday … Continue reading

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Aurdon representin’ the Arcane!

  I WIN!  As most of you already know (if you didn’t shame on you) Drotara from Less QQ more PewPew held a contest last week.  The goal was to correctly answer 5 simple questions with knowledge found in the depths of his blog.  He even … Continue reading

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Two Strikes and you’re out!

So earlier I was contemplating if I should raid or not.  I don’t always get picked for the raids and I’ve almost given up on showing up that much any more.   So much to do before 3.0.2 comes out … Continue reading

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Mage changes in WotLK Beta Build 8870

Ok so Wrath of the Lich King beta build 8770 now online. Here’s the Mage changes: Mages Arcane Blast effect duration reduced to 3 seconds, and now increases damage by 15/30/45% instead of reducing cast time. Arcane Focus (Arcane) is … Continue reading

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Changes to Arcane Blast: Bogus or Buff?

OK so perhaps I have been lacking in Magieness in my blog but I wanted to present these most recent changes to you, my beloved readers. Spicytunas has a great post up on all the most recent changes to Mages … Continue reading

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First and Ten

This last week I’ve been on the road and thus I missed a huge chunk of raid progression this week. My guild dropped yet another new boss in Black Temple for the first time and since I was away I … Continue reading

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