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Diablo 3: Infernal Machine

Yesterday Blizzard let us in on a Sneak Peek of what is coming for Patch 1.0.5 around defense changes and a new event called Infernal Machine.  They are continuing their habit of nerfing what needs to be nerfed but mostly … Continue reading

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The World of Warcraft movie should be CG

Period All this talk about how Spider-man 4 has been cancelled (excuse me, “put on hold”) and thus freeing up Sam Raimi to work on the World of Warcraft movie does not excite me.  Infact I’m not sure I even … Continue reading

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Mage changes in patch 3.2

Well time to dust off the old blog and post some exciting news…the patch notes for upcomming patch 3.2 Mages Arcane Blast: Mana cost reduced by 12%. (woot!) Invisibility: Can no longer be interrupted by a hostile action or damage … Continue reading

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Blizzard’s April Fools 2009

Well its that time of year again.  The day we all roll out of bed, rub our eyes, and look to Blizzard to post some fantastic ideas that unfortunately are nothing but a big hoax.  I’ll be updating this post … Continue reading

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This game sucks…I’m playing something else

The waiting game that is…what is up with these freakin queues?  My computer locked up and now I’m back in queue for the next 90 minutes.  We are well past the “Oh its the Christmas” rush.  Shouldn’t be “well the … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt deep down you were … different?

Well it looks like its finally arrived.  Blizzard has found yet another way to cash in on their game.  Blizzard is now offering Character Re-Customization…for a nominal fee of course.  You can now access this in your account management under … Continue reading

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Patton Oswalt to Cohost Blizzcon 08

So according to a post over at WoW Insider, this year it looks like Patton Oswalt will be headlining Blizzcon along with Jay Mohr.  Jay helped out in Blizzcon 2007 and I think overall the reaction was pretty well recieved.  He atleast appaeared like he … Continue reading

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Countdown Till Wrath

Well according to Wowhead, Wrath is right around the corner.  Actually, thats according to Blizzard says Wowhead who is running an offical Blizzard advertisement.  Interesting they decided to break the news this way, makes me think Wowhead may have jumped … Continue reading

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  Fresh off the WoW Twitter News feed! (aka the wow twitters I follow) Blizzard has finally announced that almost after four years of Game time, and 2 years of paid character transfer service, that they will finally allow PvE … Continue reading

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Blue Blew up the Mage forums

Well there was an absolute flood of Blue posts in the Mage forums yesterday.  I wasn’t going to post about it since I’ve seen it pop up in so many other places but as a blogger it’s important not to … Continue reading

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