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Don’t call it a comeback

So yep…I’m thinking hiatus might be over.  I stopped blogging here when I quit WoW.  …..just kidding…I stopped blogging here long before I quite wow.  I got extremely lazy and realized that my lack of blogging might stem from a … Continue reading

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He’s dead Jim

SURPRISE!  I pretty much don’t play anymore.  Keeping true to my blogging promise, if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I’m not going to say it.  I absolutely refuse to put up posts unless I was mused to do … Continue reading

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Eulogy for a guildie

Yesterday my guild master logged in and private messaged me saying he had some bad news.  Oh?  I figured it was about my poor raiding attendance or someone ninja’d something and we had to /gkick.  It was far far worse.  One of … Continue reading

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So when do Druids get Elephant form?

I’ve had many many wonderful times sharing WoW with the family.  I got my wife hooked on the game 3-4 years ago when she was pregnant with our first child.  I’m not sure if it was the time she spent playing or … Continue reading

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Subtle Debate on my comments system

Ok so this isn’t really a new topic, but it is a frustrating one Several times now ID has desynched with my blog and made commenting …. difficult.  The latest incarnation has made it impossible.  ID’s support group has … Continue reading

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Windows Fail

This week I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7. Beautiful. 60 FPS in Dal all the time, and my average CPU usage has dropped by about 30%. I’ve never seen my computer run so beautifully. I loved it so much … Continue reading

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I’m not gone, I’m just missing… other games

I’m taking a short hiatus from WoW just now, because I’m missing other games badly. So until I have some WoW relevant things to write about, you probably won’t see much of me around the blogosphere (although I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Wow that time already huh?

So it seems that I do this at least twice a year.  I kind of just drop off the face of … and stop posting for a bit.  I’m still here…I’m still my own blog’s number one visitor (lies…thats probably … Continue reading

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Hello From Finals Land!

I am actually sitting in the classroom where my final exam in Civil Procedure is about to take place. The waiting is killing me, and I feel like if I look at my notes one more time my head might … Continue reading

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Religion and WoW Raiding – The Practical Questions?

I’m going to briefly tread on potentially controversial ground to ask you a question lovely readers. I think we’re adult enough to tread on the ground of IRL religion briefly and respectfully. One of my raiders suggested cancelling our Sunday … Continue reading

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