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Why I won’t be getting an Xbox One

Good lord its been awhile hasn’t it…Anywho… Had a discussion with another gamer few days back on the Xbox One and how I think the console is just awful. ¬†That can be summed up in this shortened version of the … Continue reading

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The Little Things

Just yesterday I was reminded how much the little things matter in a community game like WoW, especially because I’ve been dealing with so many newcomers lately on my lowbie alts. I’ve been particularly easily frustrated lately, by things that … Continue reading

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Dear WoW,

I’m not leaving you, but… I think we need to start seeing other people. In my reckless youth, I played¬†all the games. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. I can’t even list who I loved before you… There was a stuffy old … Continue reading

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Intense debate swallowed some comments

For the 3rd time, I realized that after upgrading my comment plugin (intense debate) it never reactivated and thus the comments left while it was deactivated are now out of sync. I’m updating those now and all should return. Should … Continue reading

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We’re Not Exploiting, We’re Just Advancing from the Rear!

By now everyone’s probably just as sick of the ICC five mans as I am. Since I’ve been grinding them for gear, I’ve done them over and over and over, first the regular versions and then the heroics. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Reimagined… Or should I say, Rhiiborn?

I switched mains this summer, as anyone who gives this blog any more than the most occasional read must have picked up on by now, and in the process I changed, guilds, factions, and servers, leaving poor Rhii behind on … Continue reading

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My Laptop is Killing Me Softly

I am at my parents’ house for Christmas, and as a result, I am relegated to using only my laptop, instead of my well broken in and comfortable desktop. This would be okay, except my laptop has started to gently … Continue reading

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She’s Alive!

Just a quick post to let you all know I am still breathing. It’s just that between final exams, two weeks of internet outages, guild leading, and getting myself acquainted with the brave new world that is 3.3, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Quick One

Just a quick one, I’m sure the people that really know what’s going on will be all over this in a few hours like small children on a bowl of M&Ms, but the most recent PTR patch notes include this … Continue reading

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When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…

I have some new Least Favorite Things that I thought I would share with you, from my new perspective as a healer. 1. People who won’t run back after a wipe. If I have to run, you have to run. … Continue reading

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