Dear Sick guild of Kel’thuzad,

I’m out.

I thought about not doing a post on this but I want you (and others seeking acceptance within your guild) to know what causes players to quit your guild.  When I first joined your guild…it was because you had a need.  It appears that you’ve found others to fill that need and thus I am no longer needed.  I can respect that.  In fact you were gracious enough to allow me to continue to wear the <Sick> tag as a “casual” but even so, I can’t say I wear it with pride.  All I can take part in with the guild is a foul, racist, and vulgar /g chat channel and an equally or worse vent channel which you use to berate and abuse one another.

To be fair I would definitely consider you a “hardcore guild” and thats what I thought I wanted to be part of.  I guess what I was wanting was more of a dedicated raiding guild.  I was willing to dedicate my time and effort but even so, it seems to be the guild policy (as it is in some jobs) is to simply bring in new talent to do the job rather then build up dependable raiders you could count on.  My death knight wasn’t “puttin out the dps” as you had wished so I agreed to roll my mage Aurdon into my primary raiding class.  I got him raid worthy in two weeks but still couldn’t meet the expectations of your raids.   I’m sorry it turned out this way.  When we did raid bosses died.  I can’t recall being the cause of wipes nor being consistently last in dps meters but still I must have been doing something wrong. Despite my near perfect attendance and contributions, you found others to fill that spot without finding it necessary to rotate in others.  Even on “alt raid” night my mage frequently would be sat in favor of one of the “core” raider alts. Perhaps I could have said something about this on our guild forums but…after being part of this guild for over six months, I have still yet been granted access past the public forms.   That sure makes me feel part of the group…thanks.

After coming to terms that my characters were never going to meet your standards and thus never going to make it into a raid (besides Monday nights when the raid was short 6 players and after another 45 mins gets canceled anyway), I decided perhaps I should just wait till the new level cap.  Cataclysm is due out in a few months and <Sick> is a guild that I do consider to be pretty good at killing bosses.  Perhaps I’ll switch to a healer (a class usually in demand) and rush to 85.  Being one of the first there <Sick> will likely take me to the first raids right?  Once the foot is in the door, gearing up and staying on top should be pretty easy shouldn’t it?  But after more thought, I still don’t think I want to be part of a guild that treats members as you do.

I’m leaving the guild because Sick of Kel’thuzad is a bunch of internet trolls and I suppose I should have realized it sooner.  Its why I log into vent and hear “Did you know so-and-so transfered servers?  He quit the guild and I don’t have him in my friends list…he didn’t even tell anyone” or “Why did insert-name-here get a gkick?” to be answered with “He didn’t…he left on his own“.  Why would I want to be part of a guild who talks about me in vent as if I wasn’t even there?  That’s happened on a few occasions and not just me.  If there happens to be drama and someone quits or logs out over it…everyone opens up with how much they “hated that guy anyway” or how little you will miss him.  Even looking at the sick guild website, you posted about how much better your raiding is after the last raid leader quit.  Your guild will prosper in its own way I suppose.  There always seems to be 4-5 new people each week for the 4-5 that leave.  I too will prosper in some new direction but I don’t think it will be in a guild like yours.

And for the record, yes I know you sometimes read the blog and no I usually don’t care to post about you guys personally (that was for you btw Timecist) because really you guys don’t mesh with my readers anyway.  My readers have more reasons to play this game beyond just killing another internet dragon or verbally abusing each other (which seems to be <Sick>’s only focus).   Also I happen to like Rhii’s post and hope she’ll always be part of this blog.  She’s one of the core reasons I have close to 500 active subscribers and such an awesome reader base.

So there you have it.  I /gquit and gift to you something else to mock me about.  Go ahead and post this in the forums so you have another giggle at my expense.  It’s not going to bother me much.  I’m sorry I had higher expectations for your guild much as you had higher expectations from me.

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30 Responses to Dear Sick guild of Kel’thuzad,

  1. Marcaile says:

    I went to the Sick guild website, and there are no new boss kills since ToC and October of '09? The armory reveals that Sick just downed Lich King on 10-man tonight, but where's the quality when the website isn't even updated to announce to the world how proud you are of the group of people you play with? It might be a small thing, but it's a clear sign about the leadership's commitment and dedication to the guild to simply maintain a site so members can have a sense of community. You and anyone really interested in the type of guild you posted a day or so ago ("We’re an older guild with real life commitments, and aggro-generating spouses, that come before any video game. Our philosophy is the real life is always more important than WoW") could do much better than this guild and probably raid less. I've been a part of a guild for over a year now that values people above defeating dragons, and it's truly what makes the game a satisfying and enjoyable experience. If you don't like who you are playing with, what's the point in even playing?

    • isheepthings says:

      yeah anything outside of raids they seem to put little or no effort into anything. like i said, i had been wearing the guild tag for six months and still never was upgraded to access the guild forums. I suppose I could have asked around who does this but if the guild was even remotely organized for such things, they would have done it automatically.

  2. isheepthings says:

    not all of the guild was asshats to be honest. i'd probably say only about 80% of them were.

    the guild leader had always been pretty well kind and honest to me but his "leading" never seamed to extend beyond boss strategies and deciding when to call the raid. he was quite indifferent as to the 80% of the guild who feel the internet is the perfect place to spread their diseased ideas and attitudes.

  3. Larísa says:

    Reading about your horrid ex-guild makes me very grateful of what I have.

    I've seen this a long time coming through your posts. I've said more than once that you should give up on that disgrace of a guild and I'm glad that you finally made the decision to let go. You can do way better than that. I know you can. I hope you can find a new, better home. If nothing else, perhaps someone in the blogosphere has an open spot for you.


  4. Grimmtooth says:

    A shame you aren't Alli; if jumping servers didn't phase you, I know of a place you'd be welcome.

    You are a lot kinder than I would ever be. "Racist" anything tends to have me breaking out the Nuclear Option.

    I hope you find a good home, devoid of asshats.
    My recent post On the Joys of being True

  5. Rhii says:

    O_o I take it your guildies had something to say about me?

    That's disturbing.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're out of there, you have really been having a bad time with guilds this expansion! Here's to finding a place where you don't always have to wear headphones in vent!

    • isheepthings says:

      yeah…one of the times this website was being discussed in vent (again they weren't even acknowledging I was there), someone asked if my posts were any good. they answered "meh…its alright i guess…better then that girl who posts there".

      just so happened to be the same night i decided i was fed up with their bs.

  6. Tamarind says:

    Aurdon, I am seriously glad you got out of there. The guild sounds positively toxic. You're fantastic, so I'm sure you won't be homeless for long. I still can't quite believe how absolutely awful they were – heh, really puts things in perspective for the rest of us 😛
    My recent post faintly angsty guild post

  7. Adam says:

    I love your site, I read it regularly. I can say that I've definitely been in your shoes in a number of different games. Those guilds with nothing but racial slurs and ego laden little boys trapped in men's bodies have no business running any kind of gaming community. I"m very glad to have heard that you're out. Keep writing, it's quite good.

  8. Shieldbreakr says:

    <Sick> sounds like every guild I have been in for the past year on Deathwing. Seems like anyone actually raiding is full of these racist abusive assholes that feel like tearing everything down around them to make themselves feel better. Honestly, if someone cannot appreciate Rhii and your work, you should be finding a new place to give up your time and effort. It's almost a lipnus test for the personalities you'd want to raid with. I'm glad you got wise to their act and /gquit and I'm sure you won't be without a guild for very long.

  9. Magefire says:

    :-S sounds like you had a pretty rubbish time there! Just stumbled across this blog after clicking a link from criticalqq- really like what I have read so far 🙂

    If you ever find yourself EU ally side then shout up- would be a pleasure having you 🙂

    best of luck guild hunting!

  10. Ponigirl says:

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience in your old guild. I'm proud to say in my 4 years or so of playing wow I have been in 3 guilds. One I left as all my irl friends quit playing, the second I am still a member and officer of (going on 3 years membership), and the third was a brief stay for raiding purposes. While all guilds have drama, your old guild sounds positively hellish. I think I'd have gquit much sooner than you did.
    If you ever find yourself in need of a casual raiding guild where we kill bosses and have fun doing it (ex. the ICC gunship fight is now a battle of Pirates, complete with vent commentary yargh), check out Proudmoore. It's a very um… colorful server, but there are lots of nice people there.

  11. Gazimoff says:

    Just caught this after being recommended your blog. Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out with your old guild, but completely understand why you chose to cut loose. I’ve been in the same position myself and know that you’re much better off without them and probably won’t remain guildless for long.

    Best of luck with finding a new group, and I hope it shows just how lame the old lot are!

  12. Mark says:

    I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time. You manage to express experiences and issues I too have encountered. Back in December my GM recruited an experienced raid leader who brought in a tank. The raid leader promoted the tank to officer status. Unfortunately, this guy is a misanthrope.

    He rants about "f*&#@*% morons", flips jokes about rape, and is sadistic about homosexuals. Several of the long term members just /gquit. This tank no longer runs with our guild raids though he remains in the guild. He know longer rants in guild chat or vent. I usually see him off in a private Vent channel with one or two of his buddies. I suspect he got called out about his behavior.

    If I'm not on the raid roster on a regular basis or the guild can't keep a raid schedule going, I will not hesitate to find another guild.

  13. lolol says:

    lmao youre a shitty who couldnt handle the Sick enviroment get dumped on nerd pzl8 fattymcfattington

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  15. Aracken says:

    How did you manage to stay in the guild for more than a week? I've stopped playing wow a long time ago but it's pretty damn clear to me that with your flaming gay ass attitude, you are not Sick material at all.

    • isheepthings says:

      Well that's kind of the point isn't it? I shouldn't have been in this guild for more then a week. I choose wrong. I "thought" this guild is something that I wanted…a successful end game raiding guild. While it does raid alright, it turns out it was FULL of people who feel their success is fueled by how poorly they can treat other members. The guild seemed to be ONLY about stepping on others to accomplish a task.

      Sick Guild could be the top guild on Kel'thuzad if they'd decide to support each other instead of belittle one another. I was only a member for 6 months but saw the guild bank get ninja'd 3 times, 2 ppl gquit due to loot council drama (which guild application postings claim never happens) and 15-20 other people quit the guild without saying why. I'm just lucky enough to have a forum in which to say why I quit. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner.

      Thank you. Your comment fuels the point of my entire post. Attitudes like that might get you so far in a game but good luck being a successful person and happy at life if your only goal is to tear others down.

      • Aracken says:

        The guild has been that way for as long as I can remember. Not number 1 material, I admit… But pretty damn close. Being the best in a video game means putting the most efforts into that game and Sick members are not the nerd kind that will put all they time and mind on WoW (maybe Varne will but that because of his egfs and because he's a lorefag).

        Everyone has an aggressive side. Either you keep it for yourself and evolve in a FUNNY FAMILY FRIENDLY ^__^ guild, or you spit it at everyone that crosses your path and end up with a bunch of people like you. Either you get over it, or you you cry about it inside and gquit soon after.

        You got butt-hurt. Sorry… (I don't really care actually, I find it funny, that's why I troll you on your own nerdy blog)

        One thing is sure, Sick won't change, it's been a successful guild for a long time, and many soft hearted young boys like you came and left.

        • isheepthings says:

          I completely agree…the loud obnoxious attitude is the foundation that Sick guild is built on and "changing that" isn't something that is possible in my opinion. I never tried to change it…in fact I tried to change my own play style to fit. I'm not saying I tried to be loud, racist, and abusive. I tried to simply accept Sick as they were. As time went on though, it was more and more obvious to me that I couldn't stand it and it wasn't worth my effort to pretend I didn't care how "mismatched" we were.

          And I can't loop in 100% of the guild in this…there were a few people who I felt were decent people (The guild leader being one of them) but others within the guild were so over the top with their "like it or leave it" attitude it gave the whole guild that persona. Thats why I left….Sick wasn't worth the effort and I wasn't really contributing to their cause either so the split was mutual I'm sure.

          Also…you loose the ability to define your actions as "trolling" me when I agree with your comments :). Any blog about WoW should be honored to be called nerdy. This isn't a place for guides and strategies. Its a place to share my experiences in WoW with others and for them in tern to share theirs.

          If there is anything I wouldn't agree with what you said is your opinion that I'm devastated that I quit Sick. If you'd read how I started out this post and the overall tone is more "disappointed" that Sick isn't the guild I thought it was. I wasn't even going to make a post about it but decided it'd be best that others who potentiality want to join the Sick guild of Kel'thuzad are aware of my experience. If they feel after reading this they want to still apply, more power too them. If anything the Sick guild should be thanking me that when you search "Sick Guild" in Google, several of the first page results link to this post. This way they can weed out having to mess with those who don't want to be in a guild that functions this way.

  16. Aracken says:

    You are answering my troll attacks by repeating what you said earlier. I don't care, same for them nerds reading.

    Your attitude is the problem in my opinion but I cannot change it. You are not dumb, just so separated from the normal people that you have had your opinions completely changed from real smart person's opinions over the years. Probably because of the same reasons you ended up writing your thoughts and states of minds on an internet page called blog for other random nerds to read. Who will get a real use of this blog?

    Seriously, stop wasting your life like this, dude. Screen tan is bad. Go out and do some sport if you are alone or go give attention to your gf if you managed to keep her while you fell into that terrible state of yours.

    Also, cut the smilies and polite ways when I come and blast you on your own blog. Say the real shit or I won't waste my time here anymore.

    • isheepthings says:

      You are correct about my attitude…I highly doubt it can be changed. I tried for the 6 months I was part of the Sick guild. But I would say I'm separated from the normal any more then you would be separated from what I would consider normal people. I'm sure I can find 50-100 people who would side with my opinions just as you could find 50-100 that would side with you. Calling one set "normal people" is a moot point because of the vast diversity of people in this world or even the diversity of people who play World of Warcraft. The people who get value from this blog are those who subscribe and contribute to the posts. You've at least felt moved to offer counterpoints to my post above so even you have gained value by defending your past guildmates.

      I don't think I've wasted anytime playing WoW or building a blog about it. Its what I enjoy and do to unwind. I'm a 29 year old, well adjusted, happily married man with a wife, 2 beautiful kids, and a 3rd on the way. I have a fabulous career that allows me to work from my home and allow my wife the luxury (and sometimes difficult) of being a homemaker and perfect mother for our children. I would say my state is far from "terrible".

      You can hide behind the name calling and so called "attacks" all you wish but the fact remains that you are welcome to post comments here as long as you contribute to the conversations by making points whether you agree or disagree with the posts. I have enjoyed each one of your points because it helps me understand the situation through your eyes and not just my own. I encourage you to contribute as much as you'd like to the cometary on this and any other post as long as its on topic. A post like that done by "lolol" above is an example of a pointless flame that doesn't have any purpose but to make the comment poster feel better about what he/she wrote. I hope you don't feel you are wasting time here as I don't feel I've wasted any time listening and commenting on your point of view.

      I will stop responding to your comments if you would like the last word on the subject but I have found your comments to be the best in this thread. Please contribute as much as you see fit. We can always "agree to disagree" 🙂

  17. Solloh says:

    Quick thought since I came across this link in an old forum post, and read through. Obnoxious bunch of racists that Sick are, you not getting into raids had nothing to do with your dedication or the guild being full of assholes. You were quite literally one of the worst DPS that we had ever had in the guild. Most people of your 'caliber' just get a boot. It kind of turned into a game at some point of wondering when you would leave though since you piled this on yourself. What kind of a person stays in a guild for half a year when he NEVER gets into raids? You brought that on yourself.

    For emphasis again though, you were awful on any character we let you bring. We tried to give you a chance, and put you up against new DK recruit after new DK recruit, and you got destroyed by every single one of them even when your gear was at par with them. People were doubling and tripling your damage and DPS. I'll give you that your mage was very poorly geared, but even then, doing sub 3K DPS is embarassing. Even if you were a perfect fit in our fairly immature guild environment (which we both know you weren't), you still wouldn't have gotten a raid spot. You were essentially sitting yourself on the bench past a month or two of riding it. Don't put this on others and say we "stepped on you" along the way.

    We never masqueraded as a family guild with a program for teaching under-skilled players how to play their class, and you knew that.

    • isheepthings says:

      First off, thanks for stopping by and posting more on the subject. I moved on and given the start of your post looks like you have as well but I still enjoy actually getting to talk to ex guildmates from time to time. I enjoy seeing how others felt about my time in Sick. Since I've left I've had more meaningful communication with members now that I left then when I was actually part of guild. That is if I could ever call myself "part" of it.

      You are quite right, what kind of person would hang about for the off chance of raiding now and then? Shame on me (and I've said this numerous times before) for thinking Sick would be a guild that would work together rather then beat others down. Although I didn't spend much time hanging out. I generally logged in for the 15 mins before raid was supposed to start and hung about for 15 mins after start time. After that I enjoyed the game much as I do now, playing on other characters and chatting with friends. There is always plenty of stuff to entertain in the game. Sick's version of entertainment doesn't sound all that fun though. I'm sorry I couldn't make it more enjoyable for you. Your comment about making a game out of seeing how long it would take to ignore a player before they leave makes me regret I didn't know about it during the posting of this article. I'm not sure it would have added much more impact to all the facts about Sick though. Reading back on the post and through the comments, most people already have a pretty good idea on how Sick functions. Would you say "function" is the right word to use there?

      I wouldn't say I NEVER got into raids though. In fact I can remember being invited to several Monday raids because not enough "regulars" would show up. Did they need a break from the positive raiding environment? I left at the end of Feb. According to several of the top ranking websites, Sick has yet to kill a new 25man boss in almost 2 months. Sick left their last server because their raiding potentials had "dried up". Perhaps its the same has happened on this one? Or maybe the guild has chewed through enough raiders for new recruits to stay away. Looking back on public join/left logs….you guys seemed to have had a large exodus to a new server in March (and lets be honest…a steady stream of leavers long before that)…what was that all about? Did Kel'thuzad not have enough raiders that wanted to put up with "the Sick style"? Perhaps you should have looked into working with raiders who wanted to contribute instead of playing the "lets see how long it takes him to leave" game.

      GL with Kalecgos. I had to look you guys up through the armory because nobody updates the website. I guess that has something to do with the guild pride. Doesn't appear your setting any new progress records over there either. You probably need to recoup new players from the move. Hopefully you can find some fresh meat to chew through. I'd sit down with the guild if I were you and ask why is it Sick can't find a server to call home. Maybe its not the servers' fault. Perhaps one day you'll find a server full of like minded people but even with close to 12 million people playing this game….I wouldn't hold my breath.

  18. deepsinc says:

    I played WoW for 4 years. During that time, I evolved in four different guilds. One was casual: I leveled up to level sixty for the first time back in Vanilla WoW. I then joined a real guild and didn't make to past the trial because I wasn't skilled enough… Yet. Then, I tried my luck in a slightly lesser guild. I left that one almost a year later: while clearing a good amount of raid content, it wasn't hardcore enough. I joined Sick, sticked to that guild, and enjoyed it until the end of my wow experience.

  19. Cass says:

    zomg QQers, grow some brass ones!!

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