It’s Like Facebook for WoW…

Hooray for questionnaires that people only want to answer and never want to read! Oh who cares, I love to talk about myself! Re-stolen from Alas.
1. Raider, farmer, PvPer, or altoholic?

Altoholic, with a side of casual raider. And a strange recent obsession with farming the eggs that drop the raptor pets.

2. Favorite raid or dungeon?

There’s a lot I like about ICC… I like the increasing buff. I like the variety of bosses. I like the way they’ve worked in easy stopping points and interesting weekly quests. There’s also a fair amount I don’t like about it. I don’t like the aesthetic very much. I don’t like that they “fixed” the traps so we can’t trigger them with an eye of kilrogg anymore. I don’t like Gunship Battle.

I’m going to make an unpopular choice and say I like TOC10. It’s like a lullaby to me now. It’s like a dance whose steps I have memorized and can execute without much thought. I find it kind of soothing now that I don’t have to run it constantly. It renews my confidence in my ability to learn a fight and then actually execute properly (sometimes I lose sight of that confidence after our eightieth wipe in ICC). And occasionally it still surprises me with an upgrade!

3. Number one choice for a new playable race?

I’ve wanted goblins forever, and since I’m getting my wish I’m happy now. 🙂

4. Class you suck the most at?

Warriors. OMG what is this rage bar thing all about? What do you mean I’m supposed to be facing the mobs? I am facing the mobs! Oh wait, I’m not facing them am I? *spins around* Now I’m inside them?! How am I supposed to tell which way I’m facing when I’m totally encompassed by mob-ass?

5. Original UI or modded UI?

Modded into total unrecognizability. I’m so spoiled with WoW, I don’t think I could play a game that didn’t let me mod the UI.

6. Profession you’ve never leveled past 200?

Leatherworking. How many skins do I need again? 400? Ye Gods, I quit!

7. Favorite flying mount?

For some reason I’m really really fond of the blue drake I got in Oculus. It just looks nice to me. I  know it’s nothing special, but it’s friendly.

8. Nozdormu — friend or foe, you figure?

Foe. I’m convinced I caught him out in Dragonblight as the leader of those infinite jerks.

9. Useless item you have in your bank that you’ll never get rid of?

Rhii’s Cat figurine. 🙂 When I was leveling her, I hated the Elekks. I ground low level Nelf quests for ages to get myself a cat. On the last day of the grind I picked up a cat figurine in darkshore, and it was sort of a memento of the whole grind. I got my mount that day. She’s horde now and doesn’t have any kitties to ride, but she still loves her cat figurine.

10. Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Er… I’m frugal. I think it was actually a scroll of Enchant Weapon: Black Magic for around 300g. If you’re talking about items.  If you’re talking about abilities, then it’s epic flying, hands down.

11. Favorite starting area?

Valley of Trials. Wow was my first MMO, and my troll rogue Akaani (who still exists on Hyjal server) was my first toon. I will never forget how delightful it felt just to stab boars. Every time I reroll orc or troll I recapture just a little bit of that feeling. I’ll be really sad if it goes in Cata. Same for Sen’Jin Village which is the first “town” I ever saw in Wow and I’ve always kind of had a hometown feeling for it.

12. Inane goal you worked hardest to achieve?

I hate grinding… Rhii is exalted with four of the five factions and she has more than 50 pets. That’s about it.

13. Darion Mograine VS Tirion Fordring, gloves off — winner is?

Mograine. Holy crap that guy is awesome.

14. Game music or your own playlist?

Game music. I feel unconnected to the world if I am not listening to in game sounds. Plus I don’t own a stereo or anything, and if I stream music it lags me out.

15. Particular option or setting that you always toggle on a new alt/server?

Auto-selfcast on, please!

16. Highest amount of levels gained in one play session?

Er, I’m an obscene altoholic, you can’t possibly think I remember individual play sessions. I did level Zimzi from scratch to 60 in less than two weeks, so something in there probably qualifies.

17. Thing you’d most like to experience or see in-game?

I really… really… really… REALLY want to see the rest of Ulduar. Really.

18. Worst PuG moment?

Er. Again, I’m an obscene altoholic, you can’t possibly think I remember individual PuGs. My most stressful recent PuG was talking four complete newbies through Oculus, when one of them was so clueless he couldn’t even find the NPC to get his drake. Took forever, but I did manage to herd them through like cats and we finally got Eregos.

19. Best dungeon/raid moment?

See above. As for recent experiences, I had a real good moment with my new shaman today. I was dps-ing Heroic POS and the healer was a Kingslayer Holy Paladin who was lazy as all get out and kept letting the tank die because he couldn’t be bothered to keep him topped off. Well, that laziness bit him when he neglected to move out of Ick’s poison nova and died. I healed the party through the rest of the fight in my Ele spec, and still managed to do reasonable dps. That felt pretty good.

20. Worst quest ever that you totally hate doing?

I hate the Terokk quests for the Shattari Skyguard in Terokkar. And I really want that stupid mount. Also I hate the Rokk’s daily cooking quests. And I despise almost every JC daily. I loathe jousting. I megaloathe kissing frogs in Grizzly hills.

21. First thing you do when you hit 80?

Yell “ding” in guild chat. In my current guild that will provoke a response of “ding is for wussies, real men say bong.”

But-but-but, I’m a girl!

22. Character (of yours) you would RP as if you had to?

Rhii is the one of all my existing characters who has a backstory and a real personality to me. When I faction transferred her, she grew a whole new background that kept her same personality intact. It sounds weird to say it, but I know who she is in a way that I don’t know my other characters.

If I was rolling a new toon, I have an interesting idea for a blood elf who was a mariner before the fall of Silvermoon. She’d be a hunter who had bird pets, a well used shortsword, and a grudge against the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

23. Keyboard, mouse, or both for using abilities?

Mouse. Anything I can’t bind to my mouse or 1-5 ain’t getting used.

24. Thottbot or WoWhead?

Wowhead. The best information’s in the comments, and if you look on Wowhead you can usually find someone posting within the last year…

25. Acronym you’ve seen in chat but don’t understand?

I haven’t seen anything new in a while, but it it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out FML. Still not sure why people would use that expression.

26. Plot point you’d like to see resolved someday?

I’d like to see something address those emerald dream portals scattered around. Seradane in the Hinterlands is mysterious and lovely, and I’d love to know what exactly it’s all about.

27. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to in Cataclysm?

I have a full set of heirlooms set aside for my goblin hunter. Shoulders, chest, two daggers, bow, two trinkets. And I have a level 1 orc reserving me the name Klikzi on my server. 🙂 She’s going to be an engineer.

28. Guild event you’d like to see?

I’d like us to organize more Sarth 3D and Ulduar attempts. We can do it, it’d be fun, and it’d bring the stress level of ICC down to a manageable level I think. Also, I’d like to have a naked gnome race.

29. Level range you hate being in?

The 50s. I hate just about all the available zones in that level range. They’re all so bleak. It’s something I think Blizzard finally learned with Wrath. Just because it’s endgame doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Sure, Icecrown is bleak, but Storm Peaks has its pretty bits and Sholazar is downright lovely. High level vanilla content is just unrelentingly grim.

30. Favorite map to quest in?

If I like the scenery I’ll keep going back. I particularly love zones that look and feel old. Arathi Highlands, with its mossgrown standing stones feels steeped in history. As does Feralas with Dire Maul (IMO the prettiest location in the game) and Wetlands. Take a look at the trees in Wetlands sometime… they remind me of Horsetails and give me a feeling of being transported to a much much earlier time in Azeroth’s history.

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6 Responses to It’s Like Facebook for WoW…

  1. The 50s are the worst! As much as I love vanilla content, I dislike the bleakness of the endgame. I usually stall out in WPL and EPL. I was leveling a dwarf paladin that I was totally in love with, and he stalled out at 56 in WPL after finishing the cauldron quests because I despise the rest of WPL/EPL and he just sat there for months. I would log him and feel so meh. It's sad really, because just this last weekend I buckled down to get him the hell out of vanilla content and it took all of an hour to quest/grind to 58 and pick up quests in Hellfire. He's 60 now, and moving with the quickness through Hellfire.

  2. Redbeard says:

    “ding is for wussies, real men say bong.”

    Am I the only one who immediately thought "Cheech and Chong" when I read that? Maybe I'm just getting old….

    My recent post Ive Been Meme-ified

    • isheepthings says:

      for the longest time when playing vanilla wow, my guildies would always say some four letter word that got filtered when they leveled. i was really confused but never asked. it wasn't until i turned the language filter off that i realize they weren't really droppin bombs when they leveled.

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