My Cataclysm prep list

Much like Rhii list, there is a few things I’d like to get done both in and outside the game before we tear azeroth asunder.  Will I have time to do them?  Well yes but the question is will I lose interest in these mostly boring and mundane grinds before time is up.

Reach gold cap for one player – Well I was well on my way to getting this months ago (making 3-5k a day and sitting around 120k on my account) but I already lost interest and bought mounts for a few guildies and now I’m nowhere close.  Also with Cata right around the corner the name of the game on AH is “Dump your mats for as little loss as possible” and profit has nothing to do with it anymore.  Still I can take with me the lessons learned on how to profit off AH on into cataclysm and make more money once the market returns. 4.0 also brought about the new player level gold cap to a cool 1 way I’m hitting this now.

Complete Sorcerer’s Regalia – This one I do believe I’ll finish.  First of all I’ve never even completed Magister’s until I started this list but I had parts of it back in the day.  The few times I would run dungeon groups at level 60, there alway seemed to be a warlock who thought he needed the spirit more then me.  Farming Ubers for the chest piece took a good 10-15 runs but at least I got my runs down to about 15 minutes. I’m already 3/8 on converting it over and just need to do farm the AH a few more times for some of these mats required for this silly quest..

Farm ZG for tiger mount – This isn’t anything I can do solo on Aurdon so I’m using my DK.  My wife has called dibs on the first tiger to drop (should one even drop before ZG is gone) so I’m just hoping to see a raptor for my DK.

Farm Outland Dungeon Reps – This one is for the dungeon diplomat achievement that will ultimately result in one of the coolest mounts to come to the game.  The Horde guild Scorpion mount.  AWWWW YEAH!  Still even with my wife and I grinding, a Mage rogue combo doesn’t make a super team to take on Heroic level 70 dungeons.  A tank would be ideal here but I’m not going to sub out Aurdon for my DK just to get this done.  Aurdon is my achievement character.  As always when it comes to reps…here is the best tool:

Wrath Reps – I’ve got every thing pretty much capped except for Kalu’ak (6 more days)  But even though it isn’t a rep, I’m grinding through Dalaran Cooking Awards to get my hat.  4 more days to go there.  I couldn’t really give a rip about the frenzy heart tribe and the oracles. Finished these two after I drafted this post.

Level another alt to 80 – I’ve got a warrior at 74 with full rested xp. He’d make my 5th 80.  I’ve been casually leveling him with the ever-so-awesome Dugi’s Guides so its been quite easy.  No need to gear him up once 80 because all bets are off when an expansion hits.

That’s about all I have planned for now.  I’m not super keen on raiding because of the time invested for it…I like to keep my wow sessions to about 1-2hours now.  I have been asked to go from the guild but always offer back that “I’ll go if you really need me, if not and someone else wants a spot go ahead and let them in.”  Part of it is I only want to experience the encounters.  Loot really has no power over me knowing I’ll be dropping it all in a month anyway.

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4 Responses to My Cataclysm prep list

    • Aurdon says:

      The 1M mark is something I’ve put on my bucket list for WoW. Level one of every class to level cap (whatever it may be at that point 100 perhaps?) and make 1M gold so I can call myself a Warcraft millionaire.

  1. Rhii says:

    Corr and I have been farming for the white hawkstrider in HMagT. They’re not removing the mount from the game, of course, but it’s still a fun little excursion once a day. And who doesn’t want a pretty mount?

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