Two letters away from Cataclysm

As with any time I want to bring up a news item here on my blog, I’m at least a week behind.  But I always try and post something that has helped me in hopes someone out there finding this as new information.  Your WoW install (just like most software) can be tweaked for the better with just changing two small letter.  You can download cataclysm now and be prepared the moment the servers flip over.

Why is this helpful at all?  You’ve been able to prepurchased a digital download for weeks now.  This is helpful for those who want a hard copy but don’t want to waste any time with the upgrade/install discs after they’ve hung out for the midnight release party.  I personally am going the digital method (will likely purchase today or tomorrow) because I’ve only opened my original boxes once or twice since purchase.  Even now if I want to reinstall I got with a digital download from and not my discs.  They’ve made the install even easier since 4.0 because you can start to play after only about 600MB downloaded instead of waiting for a full 25GB!  So because I don’t need the boxes and I will eventually buy digital, I chose to edit the file and download now.  This method was actually “Blue approved” as well.  You can read more about it here on the WoW forums.

If you want to start streaming the files, go to your World of file and find this line:

SET accounttype

Change the stuff inside the quote to CT, then save the file. Start the Launcher and it’ll start streaming the file.

I’ve seen other posts saying you need to change the launcher config file as well but honestly I didn’t need to do this.  Remember before editing any config file of any sort, you should make a backup of your original.

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  2. Chadwick says:

    Armaggedon didn’t come IRL, but it seems to have taken over in WoW!

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