Zombies, Run! App Review

I turned 31 less than a month ago and I really am kinda feeling that if I don’t create healthy habits now, its going to be too late.  I’ve given up elevators and carbonated sugar beverages (Beer is still on the menu!) so those tiny baby steps are helping.  Still I need to add in exercise and I need to do it my way…the digital way.

OK so I had heard about this kick starter awhile back and kind of forgot about it.  When looking at the most popular Health and Fitness apps, this pops back up on my radar.  Well I was kinda concerned about the price tag ($7.99) if it would turn into an app I use just a few times then quit…man is it worth it.

The premise is your typical zombie story, outbreak, survival, yadda yadda…but its like running with an audio book going on…only you are in the book!  You can run where you want, how fast you want…how long you want…the GPS tracks how far you’ve gone and plays audio cues based on that.  You even get to play your own music!  How awesome is that?

The first mission kicked off with a helicopter crash and HQ trying to radio for survivors…HQ finds you and acknowledges you can hear their frequency by you changing direction (even if you run straight…like I said it only tracks distance to cue up the next audio clip) and sends you out to look for survivors…once there they said something about needing medpacks from a triage station down the road blah blah blah.  While running you also pick up random scavenged items (a book, box of light bulbs) …anything HQ might need.  You can quit mid mission and I assume you can pick back up where you left off.

You can also enable random encounters to spice things up.  These are the zombies (which you can hear in stereo growling and moaning around you, and HQ tells you their distance.  As long as you pick up pace you can outrun them.  I was tired and walked for a bit when I encountered my first…HQ said they were 100m out…after 10 sec or so they moved 68m so I went back to jogging for maybe 20 sec and he said I lost them.  Fun stuff!

Back at home I had 2 medpacks, a bandage, a book, and box of light bulbs.  Here I could go to the game screen and upgrade different parts of the town that will later unlock more missions.  SO FUN!  Highly suggest you try this out or at least consider it.

I’m a gamer and discovered that I can hardly run 1/2 mile without being zombie chow….and I’m going to try it again tomorrow!!!!

BTW….help me compile a great zombie running playlist!  It makes it even more immersive!

London Music Works – In the house in a heartbeat (Theme from 28 days later)
The Walking Dead (Main Title Theme)
ummm…..White Zombie –  I, Zombie ??? 🙂
For cool down Giles Lamb – Dead Island Trailer Theme


Check out the Zombies, Run! website for more information!

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6 Responses to Zombies, Run! App Review

  1. Redbeard says:

    Dude, you are so freaking young!!

    But still, best of luck on those baby steps.

  2. Aurdon says:

    Yeah, guess I’m having a 1/3 life crisis 🙂

  3. Zahraah says:

    Zombie – Cranberries!

  4. I’ve been thinking of getting this, the things that holds me back is the price and the fact that I might look like an idiot running from invisible zombies 😛
    However, my looks aren’t that great, so I guess I do turn a head or two on the street anyway, might as well have fun and get in shape doing it.

    • Aurdon says:

      well with a recent update they’ve started making use of the accelerometer so you can use it on a treadmill as well

      no more needing to go outside and frighten the neighbors with you runnin like a bat outta hell looking over your shoulder.

  5. Anthony says:

    Zombies is amazing this is one of my favorite apps

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