So when do Druids get Elephant form?

I’ve had many many wonderful times sharing WoW with the family.  I got my wife hooked on the game 3-4 years ago when she was pregnant with our first child.  I’m not sure if it was the time she spent playing or maybe its just in my blood and destined to carry on to my kin, but my son loves watching us play World of Warcraft.  Obviously when you get a 3 year old in front of a computer game you are bound to have some golden dialog that usually doesn’t happen when you are talking with adults.  I wanted to share one such conversation with you guys.  Translation is in brackets.

Son: Daddy?  Who’s that guy?

Me: Its my druid.  I don’t play him often.

Son: Oh….does he get the guys? {Do you ever take him out questing and raiding and such?}

Me: Not a whole lot, he has been my banker.  He hangs around in Thunderbluff making money.  But I have leveled him a bit and now he can do some cool stuff.  Want to see?

Son: YEAH!

Me: [Cat Form] Look now he’s a lion!

Son: Look a lion!

Me: *jumps in pond in TB* [Aquatic Form]

Son: A FISH!

Me: Well kind of, he’s more of a sea lion or seal maybe.  Look at this [Travel Form]

Son: A tiger!

Me: No tigers have stripes.  This one is a cheetah.  See his spots?

Son: Yeah a cheetah!

Me: OK now whats this? [Bear Form]

Son: A bear!

Me: And this guy is kind of like a cow! [/cancel Bear Form back to Tauren]

Son: Daddy, Daddy!?

Me: Yes?

Son: Can you do an Elephant?

Me: Yes but I’m not shelling out 16,000G on this character for one of those

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6 Responses to So when do Druids get Elephant form?

  1. Rhii says:

    Hahaha! That sounds very much like him. I don’t know how you guys keep track of all the many meanings of “get the guys.”

  2. Madelia says:

    That is so sweet! There’s a guy in our guild with a daughter who loves watching hunter pets. He sometimes tells us what she comes out with. Kids at that age are precious. 🙂

  3. Barix says:

    Last I looked the Sons of Hodir will let you have something large with tusks and a trunk for as little as 800g. He might not care that it’s got more hair than an elephant should.

  4. Redbeard says:

    Oh, I am so much there with you.

    I’ve had enough fun with them critiquing my PvP, but I can’t get online while their awake and not have them ask:

    -Who I am tonight
    -Where am I going tonight
    -Who is it you’re talking to
    -What does “@#$@” mean in the chat
    -Did you kill it?
    -Why are you out mining?
    -How come you’re cooking something?
    -Why don’t you ever take me fishing?

    You get the point.

  5. Gnomeaggedon says:

    I get similar with Odin.

    He loves the “little guy” cause he’s got so many pets and mounts. I’m not a big one for circuits of Dalaran, but I have no choice with Odin, stopping at each corner to ride a new mount.. instructions flying left, right and centre.

    BGs are the worst.

    Dad stop.. let me look at him from the front.. what’s he doing, why is he making those noises, get him back up off the ground, why is he all gray now?

  6. Tsuripe says:

    That’s so sweet! The only games I got to watch when I was younger was Resident Evil and Diablo 1 😡 I wonder how different things had become if it had been WoW instead…
    Probably not very, anyway.

    Blizz should make a preschool game of WoW, where you get to learn different animals through druids and that copper and tin makes bronze, hah. With the risk of addiction spreading x__x

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