My password is “a”

A Blizzard employee messages me!  SQUEEEE!

Here I am, minding my own business, and I get a message out of the blue by non other then “Blizzjoyce” who also happens to be a level 1 orc warrior by the way.  Here is the very important message she had to deliver word for engrish word (punctuation placement painstaking preserved…say that 4x fast).

[Blizzjoyce]: Deal World of Warcraft players,Blizzard system scan to your account insecurity,please log the safety net , or else Blizzard will stop using your account’s rights in one hour .Certifcations of Warcraft account information site ””

Yes I kid you not…I had one hour before Blizzard will stop using MY “account’s rights” for not logging into “the safety net“.  Whew I had better hurry.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “the safety net” website…let me show you.

Above you’ll see the login screen.  And yes, now you know my account login name.  Also you probably already knew this but my password is “a”.  Strange though….they didn’t ask me for my Blizzard Authenticator number.  *SHRUG*

After signing in confirm that you have security logged in by checking to see your account name is properly listed right under the dwarf header graphic.  This lets you know we’re on the “official” site.  Any fake site wouldn’t be able to repost your submitted unsecured form information like that.

You might also want to pay special attention to all the instructions here….sometimes Blizzard uses fancy graphics for their typography so let me convert the first bit of text for you:

Ulease use the form below to confirm your account information, including your e-mail address and your and Secret Question Answer. Once the fields have been completed, press the “Update” button below.

*Note: Please ensure that your e-mail and Secret Question Answer is currently accessible submit this form, as future regarding this account Trial mounts will be sent to the you account.

Oh wow…here I thought I was signing into the “safety net” and I find out I get to fill out this form for my Mounts Application Trial.  Awesome.  I get a trial…for applying…for Mounts?  Better get on this right away.  But wait?  Where can I put in the answer to my secret question like they asked? I don’t see that in the form.  Oh well…moving along.  I’m not Alliance so lets put in…….Tribal? OMG OMG OMG!  New cataclysm faction!  Blizzard leaked info! With Thrall gone the faction will be renamed from The Horde to The TRIBAL! WOOT!   Role name? What role do I put?  Doesn’t Blizzard know Mages R4DPS?  Oh well, I drop in my info and hit submit.

Ucongratulations!” to me!  I’ve “Account information has Submit successfully” and now they “Approved we will immediately contact you!”  Also we don’t appear to have any links relating to this success page…but we’ll still leave this section in for good measure…

Still with time to kill I decided to click on the left hand navigation links to see if there was any new wallpapers out.

Well that doesn’t look right.  I think its a 404 error page but I can’t tell.  Oh good….Google is offering to translate it for me from….???? Chinese??!?!?!?!! WOW!  I didn’t know Blizzard hosts their web servers in China.  I’ll be sure to submit a ticket to them letting them know the link is broken…perhaps that will help my chances with the Mounts Application Trial.

Now all I have to do is wait!  I wonder what mount they are testing!  I’m so lucky to be asked to test a new mount out on my live server.  This is so cool how they decided to skip the PTR and enlist random people.  Wish me luck!


While posting this Wowusa ( level 1 Tauren Hunter) has informed me in game:

[Wowusa]: Hi, you have become a blizzard lucky Players, can get a mysterious gift,registered address:

A blizzard lucky Players am I!  All I have to do now is type in this registered address (is that like a website?) and I’ll get my mysterious gift!

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16 Responses to My password is “a”

  1. Psynister says:

    I recently went from getting one of these every month or so to getting 6-8 per day.

    Morons: can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  2. Pike says:

    Hahaha, oh man. Classic, truly.

    • isheepthings says:

      I had to…partially cause "I was in the mood" and also because this site was soooooooooo bad. It was a phishing site…that ripped off another phishing site (the scam about testing mounts). It was too terribad to pass up on posting about.

  3. gnomeaggedon says:

    What they didn't have the new convenient official authorized gold selling site link?

    Just add credit card details to have your credit card securely debited?

    I'm still getting emails about the difficulties I am having with my Aion account… just need to log in and fix that…

    I still don't have (and never had) an Aion account…?

    Mmm how strange… anyway better go respond to the dozen WoW/Blizzard emails about my illegal ingame activities…

    Damn I have so many problems posting comments here…
    My recent post An idea for a new, daily, world event

  4. Hagu says:

    Any education for the public is A Good Thing. Thx

    BTW, is a valid email address, so it would allow the spammers to spend bandwidth to spam something. In your example, they know it is not an email address because there is no @
    You could even use – goes to the same

    And you could check the web site to see how many spams you get.

  5. Mimetir says:

    It was your lucky day! Oh wait.

    No really, very good – thanks for sharing the entire exercise. Informative and a good laugh all in one.

    Hmm, reckon they need a proof reader? 😉

  6. gabbell says:

    You’d think with the amount of accounts getting hacked and the number of goldsellers they’d be able to afford someone who can actually speak English to do these things, instead of relying on Google Translate or whatever they seem to use.

    Anyway, it might be a good idea to warn people not to visit these sites at all, not even just to laugh at the state of them. It seems pretty unlikely they wouldn’t also be using them to try and infect users with keyloggers. I’d be extremely wary of just visiting them never mind clicking stuff on them.

    • isheepthings says:

      Yeah I don't know why they can't afford to have someone get the language down right…there is so much effort put into copying things (aside from the internal nav links lol) that it seems like such a waste to blow it on bad engrish. But I suppose thats one of the positive points on a post like this…the fact they give such obvious mistakes makes these things easier to spot.

      Well I'm relying on the common sense of any reader to catch the sarcasm of a post like this and not need an obvious warning on the bottom. I've been a huge advocate of the authenticators since they launched (I was lucky enough to get one from the first batch) and I think if you don't have one by now you kind of deserve to get hacked. And I know just having a authenticator doesn't make you immune to a keylogger you might get from a site like this either…keyloggers are for more then just wow anyway. But if you're smart…you won't have that issue to begin with.

      I suppose my point is that the vast majority of these kinds of scams are way to painfully obvious and if you fall for one….thats on you. Yes its not kind to wish ill will on others but I double over laughing when a guild bank gets jacked because seriously…Blizzard gave us an IN GAME way (core hound pet) to see if your guild members have an authenticator and only those people should be trusted with access. And even so every guild should have only have one person who has access to "the good stuff". Maybe its because I've been playing for 5 years now and have never been hacked and doubt I ever will be.

  7. isheepthings says:

    What I don't get is all these "scams" seem to contribute to one country. Yeah its a big county with lots of people but shouldn't we see scams like this from any country that plays wow? They get the stereotype because like 99% of these types of situations do come from the asian market. Just like how all the "I need your help getting some money out of the country" emails come from Nigeria.

    Its like one of their chief exports….scamming.

  8. Rhii says:

    That is hilarious!

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