Windows Fail

This week I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7.

Beautiful. 60 FPS in Dal all the time, and my average CPU usage has dropped by about 30%. I’ve never seen my computer run so beautifully.

I loved it so much that I talked my boyfriend into doing his too.




For some reason, his totally appropriate and compatible video card (GeForce 9500gs) with its all new compatible updated drivers is showing up as not capable of running aero effects. Which seems to have wider reaching repercussions than it really should. For example, neither windows media player nor windows media center will run at all. The windows experience index won’t calculate, and there are more parts of windows than you think that depend on having that calculation to run. Just to be contrary, the damn thing is even running aero effects (which supposedly it is not capable of running) about half the time. And for some totally harebrained reason, which MS tech support says may or may not be related, he can’t keep a stable internet connection. And the sound craps out randomly.

This has persisted through an upgrade install, and two reformats/clean installs.

MS tech support, as previously mentioned, doesn’t seem to know exactly what the issue is.

He may have to revert back to Vista and get his money back.



The last two days with a very angsty boyfriend who has tried every imaginable solution and still has a borked up PC… well they haven’t been two of my most pleasant days. Especially since I feel guilty for talking him into it in the first place.

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6 Responses to Windows Fail

  1. Leah says:

    my god, do I ever feel your pain…as its my own right now. I spent half a day trying to update my video card drivers today, over an our of that was on a phone with technician helping me and even trying to install them remotely…to no avail. I just got crashes >_> and its not like I had a choice either…nowadays if you are buying premade computer, you usually have a choice of windows 7 home edition…. or professional version of same drek.


    it doesn't support fallout and myriad of other games I was looking forward to playing /cry.

    and if god forbid I try to downgrade? I lose my warranty. i hate you Microsoft, why do you insist on releasing buggy, ridden with compatibility issues products!

    /deep breath

  2. Chimpeh says:

    Rule #1 with Computers:
    Don't change it if it's not broken, most likely you'll only break it!

  3. Rhii says:

    Wow, you are in a much sadder boat than we are. 🙁

    GRR Microsoft! *shakes fist*

    They did us another big favor today… their second tier tech was supposed to call back at 4.30 PM to HIS number (it is his pc after all) but they called ME at 8.30 AM. What's the point of even making call notes if the next guy doesn't read them?! Ditto for preferred callback time?! Seriously… in what universe is 8.30 AM an appropriate time to call someone if they've stated that their preferred callback time is 4.30 PM?

    ***In the course of writing this comment, they just called me back AGAIN. Can nobody read?! I would think it's an essential skill for getting hired.***

    I share your GRRs, Leah.

  4. boomadin says:

    So glad I run Linux.

  5. Ollie says:

    So glad I have a Mac

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