Steam Family Sharing now active!

Good News Everyone!  The Steam community for Steam Family Sharing announced yesterday that everyone in the group should now have access to the Family Sharing feature.  If you have a household with multiple computers that run steam this is amazing!  In our house we have two Steam accounts, multiple computers, and even more steam gamers.  My account has the bulk of the games….97.2345% of the games we own are on my account.  In fact the only games my wife has on her account are ones I bought for her so we could play multiplayer.  Previous to this feature, if I was playing a game and my kids wanted to play a game within my game library, I’d have to sign out and play something non-Steam.  Now, I can share my library of games with her account so that I can keep playing Borderlands 2 while my kids play Castle Crashers.  All I needed to do was sign into the other computers with my credentials, go into settings and authorize that computer to have access to my library.  Now no matter who signs into that computer, they can install and play any one of my games (so long as I’m not currently playing that title).  Now the verbiage on this feature keeps mentioning anyone within my household so I don’t know if there is any IP address checking.  This could possibly prevent me from signing into my buddies computer a few towns over and allowing him access.  In the end I don’t think that’s a big worry of theirs because I’m pretty sure there is a strong cap on how many computers can be authorized.  Now I wonder if they have a solution like this for Computer Gaming Centers.  It would be ideal for there to be one master account and X amount of licenses to loan out to all of the computers on the network.  Perhaps thats how some of the technology has worked for years now in their Cyber Cafe program (






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