Dear WoW,

I’m not leaving you, but… I think we need to start seeing other people.

In my reckless youth, I played all the games. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. I can’t even list who I loved before you… There was a stuffy old man named Atruswho wrote the most beautiful worlds, and there was some hotshot pilot, Fox McCloud –boy he could fly!– and there was that madcap plumber Mario, and his brother! *giggle* There was Ico – he had horns – and Yuri Hyuga – he could turn into demons – and who could forget Tony Hawk?!

I had a mad crazy affair with this guy Link… and his friend Zelda. (*gasp*) And then there were all those spiky headed guys, now what were their names? Oh yeah, Crono, Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Vaan, and Sora… and that bunch of crazy crazy kids from Gekkoukan High School.


When I met you, I though this was it… that we’d be together forever, that I’d never need another game. Silly, I thought, all that playing the field… when all I ever wanted was right here within my grasp. I was sorry I’d waited so long to settle down with you WoW. Those other games were just flings, short and expensive too. I know it’s not flattering, WoW, but you’re a cheap date and I liked that about you.

But lately, I’ve been missing all those others. I’ve been missing my freedom. Remember when I didn’t have to ask you what the daily was before I could go out at night? Remember when I could come and go as I pleased and I came to you because I chose you, not because you were nagging me about what we’re going to do for the holidays, or did I get all those fish feasts for dinner?

And I’m sorry to tell you this, WoW, but there’s someone else. An elf. Not a blood elf or a night elf, but a Sindarin elf. That’s right, I’ve been hanging out in Middle Earth while you weren’t looking. I’m sorry WoW, but I’ve loved Tolkien since long before I met you! Oh, and you heard about the wizard too? Well I was going to tell you…

So yes, WoW… this isn’t the end for us, I mean, I’m still gonna come visit on raid nights and I’ll always love you, but I’m sorry, we just can’t be exclusive anymore. I want to be Polygamerous again.

Love, Rhii

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10 Responses to Dear WoW,

  1. Mike says:

    What timing Rhii. I have literally just spent the last 2 hours looking at realms, rolling DK alts, RAF toons and the what not on different realms trying my best to recapture that first date feeling. Why is it this happens to us all to offtten? Is it our personalities, is it our need for more? Is it just 4.5 years (for myself) of maxing out toons only to find the reward empty?

    Glad to hear you have fallen in love with LotRO. I am a life time suber but have not been back in the past 3 or 4 months due to the same issue with burn out. Im still looking for that way to keep things alive, that spark, that newness.

    Best of luck my friend.

    • Rhii says:

      Lotro is great, its an antidote to all the things that stress me in WoW. My kinship is myself, my boyfriend, and my alts, and my main goals in game are to level crafting, have awesome clothes that match, and get a bigger house. It's soothing compared to the demands of raiding/guild leading.

  2. kaozz says:

    Seems like a lot of people are getting bored these days with WoW. I am also, though I haven't quit, I just felt I had to take a break. I think the time between expansions is too long, people grow bored easily.
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  3. isheepthings says:

    OH WoW….yeah so you beat me by a few hours…. incoming similar post 🙂

    I think wow seems to burn out this time of year ever year. I can tell because this is the first year i did the lunar festival achievements. I'm in no way quitting my 5y addiction but I'm definitely getting to the point were I log in every other night.

  4. Rades says:

    I know the feeling, I've been looking at the slew of great console games coming out lately and lamenting the fact that I haven't been playing ANY of them, because of WoW! I'm not quite ready to turn my back on Azeroth yet, but a few titles – Monster Hunter Tri for Wii, and Heavy Rain for PS3 – are sure making it tempting.
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    • Rhii says:

      I can't afford any of the new ones (although I might just have to shell out for FFXIII) but I really ought to go back and finish some of the ones I already have that I didn't have time to play because of WoW. I'm looking at Lost Odyssey, Dragon Age, and Persona 4 for a start…

      Yes, I'm an RPG nerd.

  5. Fimlys says:

    Nothing wrong with being Polygamerous 🙂
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  6. Sprink says:

    OMG, I totally feel the same way. I missed playing all those little games that I played before WoW. I used to be all about console games, but ever since WoW… not so much. However, FF13 has completely reinvigorated me in the non-WoW fashion. And with SAN reinvigorating me in the WoW fashion, things are getting back on track for me. ^_^

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