Why I won’t be getting an Xbox One

Good lord its been awhile hasn’t it…Anywho…

Had a discussion with another gamer few days back on the Xbox One and how I think the console is just awful.  That can be summed up in this shortened version of the reveal.

  1. TV
  2. Sports
  3. Call of Duty

Give me a break…none of those things interest me.  The whole reason I bought a Xbox 360 was to play kinect games with my kids. So I was very excited to see some of the new kinect features.  Heartbeat sensor!?! Wait…I remember something about that tech from an earlier MIT video (Found here).  Hmmm… Kind of cool I guess but I’m starting not to feel so comfortable with that level of digital access to my home.

Now that I’m thinking about privacy issues…something else comes to mind I read awhile back.  Microsoft filed for a patent to control content based on who’s watching it…(http://mashable.com/2012/11/06/microsoft-kinect-patent-how-many-are-watching/).  Now wait a second.  I (will presumably) pay for this device and now its going to be my nanny saying what I can and can’t watch?  What if it deems the latest zombie game too scary because my heart rate gets too high?  What if the content changes based off of that?  Maybe I’m cool with blowing zombies heads off but my wife walks in who isn’t used to that and instead of just pausing the game it shuts it off before I can save?  These are lots of what ifs but even so I don’t like the idea of not being in control of my property.

A few people pointed out when that patent story came out you could just turn the kinect off or point it at a wall.  Well after the Xbox One reveal we now know that the Xbox ships with the kinect and won’t function unless its on.  What about facing a wall?  Well when looking at this video (http://youtu.be/Hi5kMNfgDS4?t=4m6s) you can see the expression “Can see if you are looking at the system or looking away.”


Congrats.  You’ve just invited big brother into your living room.  That is complete crap.  Look, many people go all conspiracy theory on some stuff but when you boil it down…how would you feel about hooking up a high definition camera into your living room (or bedroom) that can see in the dark, hear everything you say, check your pulse and even see if you are paying attention to it.  That just creeps me out.  I’m not a hacker but boy would I love to gain remote access to that camera.  Imagine if there is a backdoor where this data can be recorded and sent out somewhere.  What about illegal wiretapping?  This thing is just too scary with its abilities to invite into my own home.  No thanks Xbox…..go to someone else’s home.

I’m not the only one concerned about this…





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2 Responses to Why I won’t be getting an Xbox One

  1. garf says:

    wow, let’s not read any of the provided documentation microsoft provided.

    1. you can turn the kinect off. (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/124447-Xbox-Ones-Kinect-Can-Actually-Be-Turned-Off)
    2. HDMI passthrough, sorry this is actually for me, the killer sell point. I have hdmi 1.4 on all my devices, which means, voice activation for EVERYTHING. so long remotes. 360 kinect does very well at voice, i use it when my xbox is on, now that it will always be listening, sounds great.
    3. sports, guess what is cool… the current xbox has the NHL app, now, i don’t have cable but, I can watch older season games… with the other teams announcer. kinda crazy to hear another announcer talk trash, with a canuck accent.

    again though, i feel it’s still leaps and bounds above what sony is envisioning for a living room solution.

    I just hope it can play media from my plex server (or hell, smb share)

  2. Aurdon says:

    “You can turn the system completely off. This would use no power and turn everything off. We’ll share more details about how it all works later.”
    From your link…

    “We’ll share more details later” is PR speak for oh crap this is a bigger deal then our test markets would have had us believe…I had better cool things off for now and talk to a dev about all of this.

    I shouldn’t have to unplug my hardware because I’m paranoid about it… the company should give me the piece of mind that nobody can use its uber camera to snoop. It should have a shutter that physically blocks the camera lens when not in use….further more i should be able to decide when its not in use and shut it down yet still use my Xbox.

    Your HDMI pass through comment? That could be solved with a push to talk mic on on your controller. Or maybe even a switch to always on hotwording listening for “Xbox” etc.

    I have a kinect and I don’t feel its spying on me…I’ve seen what it can do and its pretty limited. I see this and that trust fly’s out the window based on its pure power and capabilities.

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